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Guys, Chrissy Teigen Is Throwing Miles An ADORABLE 1st Birthday Party

by Casey Suglia

Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend, are no strangers to hosting people in their home. The mom of two is always whipping up something; I mean, she is a cookbook author. And when it comes to Chrissy Teigen's plans for her son Miles' first birthday party, it sounds like she has some big plans in store for her little boy.

Teigen and Legend's little boy turned a year old on Thursday, May 16, and the family celebrated thoroughly at the time with messages on Instagram and Twitter. "Happy birthday to the absolute best baby boy I could ever imagine having," Teigen wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on her son's birthday.

But they didn't get all of their celebrating done that same day (or week). In a new interview with E! News, Teigen revealed that they're throwing Miles' first birthday party sometime soon, just a few days after his actual birthday. And the party's theme sounds so cute; they're throwing him a bear-themed barbecue, based on his current obsessions, of course. "It's a Miles bear-b-que because the only things he loves in life are ribs and bears," Teigen told E! News.

And she has the photographic evidence to prove that her son really does love bears.

Teigen is going all out for her son's birthday party. Not only does it sound like there will be some amazing food at the party, but she also revealed that there will be a petting zoo, too (OMG). In spite of this big attraction, the party sounds super sweet and simple.

While big first birthday parties are fun for the parents and kids invited, sometimes simple is better, according to Parenting — and it sounds like Teigen is taking a simplistic approach when it comes to Miles.

Earlier this month, she tweeted that she is taking a DIY approach to Miles' decorations, instead of buying them from a store or having someone else do them. Teigen took a video of her painting a bunting for his party, and shared it to Twitter where she told her followers that she found something she's good at.

While she has the party's theme, food, and decorations secured, Teigen told Cosmopolitan that she is just a bit scared that no one will show up to her son's party because "he has no friends." Luckily, Teigen's oldest child, 3-year-old daughter, Luna, rolls with a crew of her own and is willing to help her brother out. "Luna brings her friends to his little parties and his little gatherings, but Luna keeps it small...she keeps it tight," she told the magazine. "Her circle is small."

That's what big sisters are for, right? They're there to give advice, share their toys, and bring their friends to save the day at any birthday party at a moments notice. With this in mind, it sounds like both Miles and Luna (and her friends) are going to have such a good time at his birthday party — and it definitely sounds like Teigen is pulling out all of the stops to ensure this.