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Parents Are Relating Hard To Chrissy Teigen's Toddler Troubles After Luna Lost A Toy

When my second oldest son was 3, he was deeply obsessed with his Buzz Lightyear toy. It was one of those small ones that fit perfectly in his hand, Buzz's wings popped out in a soothing way over his tiny fist. He lost it. This was many years ago and even now I'm trying to figure out where. Because when a kid has a toy like that, the love is real. And if they misplace that toy, it's like they've lost their best friend. I'm not alone in this, of course. Chrissy Teigen's post about losing Luna's toy at Whole Foods is giving parents the lost toy flashbacks, because we've all been there.

Let me set the stage for you if I may. Social media queen and bestselling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen takes her two kids, 3-year-old daughter Luna and 11-month-old son Miles, over to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping. Now I think it's fair to assume she has brought some help along, either her husband John Legend or her mom Vilailuck Teigen who lives with the couple, but also she would be very focused on buying ingredients because she loves her food.

Well it seems like somewhere during Teigen's shopping expedition she lost something along the way: Luna's toy Wonder Woman, and she has the evidence to prove it.

As you can see in the photo, Luna and Miles are holding hands in the shopping cart with Luna happily smiling for the camera. Unbeknownst to her, Wonder Woman is laying on the floor in the foreground.

Teigen captioned this CSI-level photo, "Luna been freaking because we lost Wonder Woman somewhere. It was driving me crazy. Now I know it’s at Whole Foods Santa Barbara."

I suppose the Lip Sync Battle host could call the store to see if Wonder Woman is still there, but I gather from the fact that she posted this her chances are rather grim. And her story is giving other parents and caregivers recovered memories of times they lost their child's favorite toy as well.

It's a bit chilling to actually read the lengths to which people will go to avoid the lost toy meltdown, isn't it? Unless of course, you've experienced the inconsolable fit of rage only a heartbroken 3-year-old can muster. Because 3 is the new 2, if you haven't heard, and their fits have a level of maturity and willpower quite lacking in a 2-year-old if I may be so bold.

Fortunately, it sounds as though Luna might be one of those kids who moves on quickly from her tantrums because she's an enthusiastic, happy little girl, as her mom told Good Housekeeping in January. "She finds joy in these little things and they're the kind of thing that she will talk about all week at school, and I have a feeling that it’ll be the kind of thing that she’s going to remember when she’s older," she told magazine.

Perhaps Luna will forget all about that lost Wonder Woman and find something else to play with. Or perhaps she won't and she'll keep freaking out about it for days.

I'm just saying it might be worth a quick phone call to Whole Foods in Santa Barbara, that's all.