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Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Is Totally Different With Each Of Her Parents

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your child behaves differently with other people? Even with people in your family; you know, like their actual other parent? This is definitely a thing that happens and it also a thing that can be super frustrating because it's hard to offer proof of the difference. Because children are super cute but also evil geniuses who seem to know how to keep their ways under wraps when there's a risk they might get caught. But children are no match for Chrissy Teigen. In another brilliant move, Teigen's side-by-side comparison of kids with their dads versus kids with their moms has other moms cheering because finally, we have proof.

Teigen and her husband, EGOT-winner John Legend, are parents to two adorable little cherubs, 2-year-old daughter Luna and 10-month-old son Miles. Now, if any of you happen to follow Teigen or Legend on social media (of course you do, everyone does), you probably already know Luna is a spirited young child. Sometimes, that is, not all the time. For instance, when the family was at a United States Women's National Soccer game on Sunday, Luna was in one of those toddler moods where they are one way with their dad, and another way entirely with their mom.


Legend, Teigen, and Luna were doing some cute photo shoots on the pitch with their friends, former soccer player Stuart Holden, model Karalyn West, and the couple's 3-year-old daughter Kennady. After the fact, Teigen couldn't help notice a slight discrepancy in the way each little girl behaved in the photos. She wrote, "Dads and Daughters VS Moms and Daughters: A tale in one tweet," and it was telling to say the least. Because the girls stood sweetly posing with their dads holding their hands in one photo, while in the next they were climbing all over their moms on the ground.

Other moms on Twitter were like, same.

One dad had the grace to admit this representation is 100 percent true.

Now to be fair to Legend, he has certainly had his days when Luna was sassing him something fierce. Last July her father, notably a world famous singer, was blessing her with some singing and she was basically like knock it off, I'm over it, as per INSIDER. Her mother caught it on video, of course.

And then there are the times when both parents are sitting right there together, working on helping their kid to learn how to be a good sharer, and it can feel like the 2-year-old is always going to win. Like when Luna was at that same game on Sunday and she was caught on camera hogging the bottled water.

The reality is that toddlers are a mystery, but, weirdly enough, they're also all sort of a similar mystery, which is a bit odd. As so many parents attested after seeing Teigen's tweet about dads with daughters and moms with daughters, this is apparently pretty typical behavior.

I guess the real question is, Why?