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Chrissy Teigen's 9-Month-Old Son Miles Doesn't Like This Fancy Food

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's baby boy Miles is fully nine months old, if you can believe it. Honestly I feel like I was writing about his birth about one week ago and yet here we are. Nine months gone and sweet little Miles is getting bigger all the time. In a recent Instagram post, his mother shared some hot tips about Miles. His weight, his height, his likes and dislikes. And despite the fact that his mother is the author of two bestselling cookbooks, apparently Teigen's son Miles isn't into this one food. Which doesn't bode well for the rest of us less famous chefs when it comes to trying to feed our kids.

As most of the world knows, Chrissy Teigen's two cookbooks, Cravings and Cravings: Hungry For More, are both massively popular. In both books Teigen shares recipes that are designed to satisfy comfort food cravings in interesting, unique ways. And while I'm sure her two children, baby Miles and 2-year-old daughter Luna, appreciate her efforts on some level... it seems some foods just aren't going to get a pass. Even if Chrissy Teigen is cooking the meal, which you know is going to be pretty spectacular. As Teigen noted in her Instagram post celebrating Miles' nine months on the planet, there's so much this little guy likes.

Just not quinoa, as E! Online noted.

It seems Miles likes his sister Luna (which is in itself a battle well and truly won... sibling rivalry is the worst), toys that make music, bath time. He likes "Baby Shark" of course, and singing "B-I-N-G-O." Miles has some favorite books like Goodnight Gorilla and See Me Bubble. But apparently Miles just won't eat quinoa... and to be fair, I have a feeling not that many little ones are super into this fancy ingredient.

Teigen is no amateur when it comes to dealing with picky eaters; her daughter Luna has a well-cultivated reputation as a girl with discriminating tastes on social media. There was the time Teigen actually turned her kitchen into a restaurant for Luna, where she could pick items from a laminated menu and pay with laminated dollars just for her, as per BuzzFeed. The plan apparently worked, which doesn't surprise me. I would love to buy things with laminated dollars as well.

Fortunately it looks like the Lip Sync Battle host is managing to figure out some meals that will meet with her daughter's "stamp of approval," like this delicious-looking coconut carrot soup Luna clearly loves. Teigen also posted the taste-test on Instagram, where she added "You would know if she hated it trust me."

Luna is almost 3 years old now, which means the picky eating battle could be nearing an end. This Twitter post where she is happily eating delicious, healthy soup could be a historic moment. I mean, probably not, but I guess you just never know. As far as Miles goes, I can't say I blame him for the whole quinoa thing. It took me awhile to jump on that bandwagon and even now I'm sort of ready to jump back off at a moment's notice.

He seems like a pretty happy kid otherwise... maybe Teigen will only have one picky eater? Or maybe, just maybe, little Miles will grow out of his picky-eating ways.

Stranger things have happened.