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Chrissy Teigen's Thoughts On Having More Kids Are Completely Understandable

One thing I've noticed lately? Many fans are eager for Chrissy Teigen to expand her family, as evidenced by the encouraging comments flooding her social media accounts. And all of the recent chatter could explain why Chrissy Teigen shared her thoughts on having more kids, recently outlining her future plans on Instagram. So, are Teigen and her husband, John Legend, ready to welcome baby number three? The answer makes perfect for where Teigen is at in her parenting journey.

As Elle magazine reported, a recent photo of Teigen's two kiddos (Luna, 4, and Miles, 1) with Legend sent fans into a frenzy of baby talk. "Rascals, in descending order of rascality," the clever entrepreneur and entertainer captioned the cute shot.

Although many fans were happy to just bask in the adorable moment (Mario Lopez wrote "The best :)," while model Beverly Johnson added, "That's the sweetest"), others were quick to encourage Teigen to have more kids ASAP.

"I think you can fit one more little one on the end," added one user in particular, suggesting there's room on the star's lap for another child in the future.

Now, while I do understand the desire to see your fave celeb have more kids, it's probably best to avoid suggesting the possibility altogether. If there's happy news to share, rest assured you'll find out at some point.

Circling back to Teigen, it might not be the right time to expand her family given how busy she is at the moment. One user brought up this sentiment, writing, "maybe you need a mommy break all on your own? You have like 59 jobs and 2 kids."

Teigen, in fact, does juggle many professional hats, including her Cravings line of housewares and an upcoming recipe site, according to Delish. And that's not counting all of her endeavors, so I'm on this aforementioned fan's wavelength.

As for Teigen's take on the question? “All good!” Teigen wrote. “Gonna try to wait a few years before trying again. These guys are exhausting!” In other words, Teigen is not only open to the idea of a bigger family, she's definitely down for it. The caveat? She wants a moment to catch her breath first.

I don't want to speak for every parent out there, but sometimes you just need a break. For now, it looks like Teigen is content to enjoy life with just little Miles and Luna by her side.

After all, as Elle noted, Teigen hasn't exactly had it easy when it comes to motherhood, having endured both fertility struggles and postpartum depression. And she recently admitted to feeling "cranky" and "tired" lately, both of which could be explained by the challenge of juggling young kids, a growing career, and a high-profile marriage.

But don't mistake Teigen's fatigue for resignation because Teigen is in love with her incredibly busy life. "It's like a big show, but it's fun, because they're both a little kooky. I like the chaos," she told Good Housekeeping about life with her adorable brood. Aww.

On that note, enjoy the mayhem, mama. Because when and if you're ready for another adorable child, there will only be more of that to manage!