Chrissy Teigen speaks at an event.
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Chrissy Teigen Jokes About Having More Kids In A Very Relatable Tweet

The Queen of Twitter is back at it again, and this time it's with a post that many mothers are resonating with in a big way. That's because Chrissy Teigen's tweet about having more kids is a hilariously honest take on how moms rarely stick to their pre-baby game plan, and tend to modify it as they go along. In Teigen's case, for example, she started out wanting four babies. But oh, how times have changed...

Alongside sweet photos of her 1-year-old son, Miles, decorating a colorful pumpkin with his arms elbow deep in paint (side note: a paintbrush was nowhere to be found), Teigen commented on the waning of her baby fever. "When I had zero babies I wanted 4. Then 1, I wanted 3. Then 2, I’m good with 2," she tweeted.

But wait — that's not the most relatable part. Teigen followed up that sentiment with a hysterical piece of honesty, writing: "Just posting this to look at when I’m pregnant with my third."

Can I get an amen? This is a classic case of never say never, and I think it's safe to say many moms go through this back-and-forth.

Speaking of moms, countless parents chimed in with their two cents about having more than one child. "You’d love 3. Just change your defense from man to zone," one social media user jokingly commented on the war strategy between outnumbered parents and children.

Another mother commented on how fast the time goes, even when there are plenty of kids to go around. "First born son wasn't even a year old when I got pregnant with twin boys," the Twitter fan commented. "The laughter was loud, Lego's were plenty, broken bones by the dozens. Goes fast, enjoy it while they're young."

Others are speculating that, based on her tweet, Teigen might be pregnant with a third child. Hmm.

Jokes aside, Teigen seems to love being a mother and is often brutally real about its ups and downs. From talking about postpartum depression to feeding picky toddlers, Teigen has been quite open about what she calls "real mom sh*t."

And although two children might be a handful for any parent, Teigen seems to cherish her time with both Miles and Luna. Just one example? Teigen recently shared a sweet moment between her and Miles involving stolen kisses. "Finally!!" she captioned a video of her and her son. "Having a squirmy, busy busy baby is tough. I have been waiting so long for him to give me kisses! 16 months, worth the wait." Aww.

Furthermore, Teigen believes being a mother-of-two has made her "go with the flow" more. "It actually teaches you to be a better person and not be so neurotic about time and schedules. Whatever is going to work to make a great day, go with it," she explained to Good Housekeeping about expanding her brood.

Now that we've seen Teigen grow into her role as a mom and skillfully juggle two kids, some fans have a question for Teigen: will there soon be a baby #3? As the cookbook author noted in her tweet, that answer is often in flux.