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Chrissy Teigen Is Geared Up To Be The Best Dance Mom With Daughter Luna

Do you remember when John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna was born? Of course you do, it feels like it was exactly 30 minutes ago. Which is weird because it wasn't. Luna is 2 and a half years old now and getting bigger all the time, no mater how impossible that might seem. And as she gets older let's face it... she just keeps getting funnier and funnier. In fact, the toddler is now even looking at dipping her toe into some performative art, literally and figuratively. As Chrissy Teigen's video of Luna's dance class proves, she has inherited both of her parents' flair for individuality. And also can we just talk about how great Chrissy Teigen will be as a full-fledged dance mom?

On Saturday the Cravings: Hungry For More author shared a few adorable videos on Instagram in honor of a pretty big milestone for daughter Luna; her first little ballet class. It was obviously a pretty special moment for both Teigen and her husband, EGOT-winner John Legend. Not just because watching your little girl dance around in a leotard and try her hand at ballet is special for everyone. But perhaps also because Luna Legend tends to deliver when it comes to dramatic performances.

And so she did again.

If you watch the first video closely, please note that almost all of Luna's dance step have a little extra something to them. She appears to be sort of following along with instruction but also definitely doing her own thing and proud of it. I wonder if she was feeling especially confident because of her history of solid dance performances like one from April 2018 when she was washing her hot pink convertible and then broke into an impromptu dance routine, as per Essence. The kind that would put the rest of our dance moves to shame for sure.

Teigen herself couldn't help noting that her daughter was "KILLING ITTTTTT" in the second dance class video, where Luna needs to follow her teacher as she dances through flowers. It starts off pretty well, she jumps over some stems and continues on. But then Luna is all like, "No thanks, I'm going to choose my own path." By the end she is full on running away from her teacher because she is simply not going to be one of those people who follows what everyone else is doing.

Her parents clearly taught her well.

There's yet another reason Chrissy Teigen is probably super excited that her daughter is taking ballet lessons. They already have a nightly dance routine before bed together, as she shared with her Instagram followers in September. They perform "A Whole New World," as per Access Online, from Disney's Aladdin, and now maybe Luna will have some extra choreography to share.

Luna Legend has some pretty good genes when it comes to having a talent for performance. Her father John Legend has basically won every award out there and continues to create amazing music on the regular, while Chrissy Teigen is a cook and cookbook author, hosts Lip Sync Battle, was a model, and basically runs the internet.

No wonder Luna is already killing it on the dance floor.