Christmas Tree Eyebrows Now Exist, Because People Without Kids Have Too Much Time

I'm down with the ugly Christmas sweater trend. I was actually down with it before people were calling them "ugly Christmas sweaters" and I was just referring to them as "what I wear when I'm desperate to go for a sleigh ride." I have been known to dab a touch of festive glitter on my cheeks, to change up my usual neutral lipstick for a little fire engine red to mark the holiday season. But this new thing with the Christmas tree eyebrows? I mean, I'm not exactly saying I think people without kids clearly have too much time on their hands... but yeah, Christmas tree eyebrows might just separate the girls from the moms in 2017.

If you haven't heard of Christmas tree eyebrows yet, don't feel bad. You were probably busy dealing with a toddler meltdown in aisle 37 at Target. Or trying to find a toy your 6-year-old insists is the only thing that will make them happy this Christmas, only to discover no such toy exists and it's a figment of their imagination (this has happened to me three times). If you want to take a little brow time for yourself, however, take a little break from the madness of the holidays, this might be the trend for you. Although brace yourself; it's probably pretty time consuming.

Beauty vlogger Taylor R, a Canadian girl living in Hong Kong, decided to up her brow game for the festive season. In a 10-minute tutorial she shared on YouTube, Taylor feathered her eyebrows and set about the arduous work of bedazzling individual brow hairs. She shared the results, complete with festive sweater and bright red lips, with her 320,000 followers. Fair points to Taylor for creativity; as she noted in her Instagram post:

Christmas Tree eyebrows are here. Why stop at your sweater? Spread holiday joy via your face.

According to Taylor's tutorial, you really just need some Vaseline to shape your brows to look like tiny Christmas trees. Attach a bunch of tiny stars and gems to each "branch" of your Christmas tree and voilia! A few hours of painstaking work later, you will be the proud owner of Christmas tree brows.

And because the look is going somewhat viral, you will instantly identify yourself as one of the cool kids.

Of course, some moms out there might be wondering how on earth they would find the time to painstakingly feather their brows (which, if you're anything like me, could use a little regular, non-festive grooming before I decide to bedazzle them), buy the tiny Christmas tree jewels, and affix them to their eyebrow hair.

Some moms might also be thinking, like me, that drawing so much attention to my exhausted face intentionally seems counter-intuitive.

But here's the thing; admit it, it looks kind of fun. The longer you look at those Christmas tree eyebrows, the more you like them, right? And don't moms deserve to have a little festive fun, too? And if Taylor's Instagram is any sort of barometer to how much fun people are having with this new brow trend, it seems like at least 197,000 people think it's a pretty good time. So who can argue with that?

Sure, you probably have a million things to do on a million little lists for a million people before Christmas finally arrives. And sure, spending long hours individuating your eyebrow follicles and decorating them might seem like a waste of time.

But every once in a while, a girl just has to waste a little time. If for no other reason than this; she wants to remember the girl she was before she become the mom she is now. And if Christmas tree eyebrows do the trick... don't judge.

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