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These Clues About April's Fate On 'Grey's Anatomy' Will Make You Want To Stock Up On Tissues

by Chrissy Bobic

Saying goodbye to a beloved character on a favorite TV show is never easy. Such is the case for April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy, who will be leaving the show by the end of the season, in light of Sarah Drew's previously announced departure. But while many were hoping her exit wouldn't end in heartache, it looks like April's fate is up in the air and there are already some big clues that April dies on Grey’s Anatomy. So get the tissues ready and feel free to internally argue with this season’s writers for getting rid of a fan favorite.

In the promo for Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it looks like Owen finds someone on the side of the road who turns out to be April and he then rushes her to the hospital, where it looks like her condition goes from bad to worse. Although the preview doesn’t come right out and explain why April is in the hospital or how bad it is, it does seem pretty obvious from Meredith’s crumpled and crying face and Jackson’s outburst that things aren't looking good for the surgeon.

As I mentioned, fans already know for sure that Drew is definitely leaving the show, so if April is going to die on Grey’s Anatomy, now would be the time when it’s actually possible. I can't imagine that the writers would make her exit so tragic, but then again, I was totally blindsided by the announcement that she’s leaving at all. So yes, it's entirely possible that April dies and there are already enough clues to support this sad possibility. Such as...

She’s Finally Back To Her Old Self

After a brief crisis of faith and downward spiral of drinking and late night hookups, April finally reverted back to her old self. That being said, losing her now would be more heartbreaking than ever and Grey’s Anatomy is known for hitting fans where it hurts the most.

Her Bout Of Casual Dating Could Have Been A Sign

April went through a brief, but intense, period of hooking up with random people. That’s all well and good but, as Redditor KDPer3 theorized, it could be one of those Tinder dates who hurts her down and leaves her on the side of the road. I mean, it’s dark, even for Grey’s, but the string of casual flings could have been a big clue that it would lead to something bad for her.

This Is The Penultimate Episode Of The Season

If April were to survive whatever accident or potential attack that has her rushed into the emergency room, then it could all be done in the span of one episode. But since this is the second to last episode of the season, it could mean that she’s going to die and that the season finale will be used to really say goodbye to her. I know, it’s starting to feel scary real and I don't like it.

She’s Made Amends With Everyone

In the past few episodes, April has been apologizing to everyone she's recently hurt, including both Jackson and Maggie. Having her back on good terms with everyone would make her death hurt all the more, which could be the whole point.

The Description For The Finale Is Basically A Nail In Her Coffin

If it wasn't enough that the promo for the second to last episode of the season is full of tears, the description for the finale episode makes things seem just as bleak. Part of it includes that the doctors of the hospital "seek comfort from one another." It could just be a vague description of what they do literally everyday, or it could be a clue that April doesn't make it in the end.

At this point, it's safe to say that no one wants to say goodbye to April in any capacity. She's been a big part of the series for several seasons and has come a long way, both personally and professionally. If she has to go out, I would much prefer her to be able to ride off into the sunset with a happy ending, but since this is Grey’s Anatomy and the show has already provided plenty of clues that April doesn't make it out alive, it’s time to start stocking up on tissues just in case.