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Clues Elliot Rollins Killed Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars' Prove His Lies Have Layers

Plots on Pretty Little Liars can be twisted enough to result in whiplash, so it can be difficult to predict just what sharp turns the show will take. Seriously, who could have possibly guessed that people were going to start pulling off their faces in Season 6? Anybody is a possibility when it comes to figuring out just who is responsible for the mystery of the year, and that includes suspects in Charlotte's murder. So far, fans know her therapist-slash-lover Elliot and her bio mom are seeking revenge for her death, but does that absolve them of being complicit in it? Are there clues Elliot Rollins killed Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars?

Elliot definitely raised some red flags when he first appeared – call it a vibe or just a lesson learned from watching this show, but he didn't seem to be quite what he appeared. Elliot is apparently the only man Charlotte ever loved and he's said that he would do anything for her, but the word liars is right there in the title of the show. Viewers don't know much about Elliot, his relationship with Charlotte, or the night Charlotte died; their relationship could have been a lot more toxic than it seems from Elliot's statements. It's possible something happened the night she died to push him over the edge. Or maybe he just wants to do with away with anyone in the Drake/DiLaurentis family so he can snag all that sweet Carissimi Group money for himself. But is there any proof?

Ali And Charlotte Didn't Know Elliot Was Seeing Both Of Them

Elliot was involved with both Alison and Charlotte during the five year time jump, but neither girl was privy to the other's relationship with him. In fact, Ali told Charlotte the night she died, which seems like a big clue. An anonymous Reddit user (very fitting, considering) put forth the theory: "[Charlotte] was supposed to meet up with Mona then but stood her up because she had to see Elliot. They met at church where Charlotte confronted him about his relationship with Alison and one thing led to another, she knew the truth about him and he killed her. Of course, Charlotte didn't have time to tell anyone about Elliot's true motive. Elliot then played the heartbroken man who lost the 'love of his life' to Mary who fell for it since she knew about their relationship from Charlotte and both decided to play Ali. Little did Mary know Elliot has had an ulterior motive this whole time, which is to get the Carisimi money for himself."

Sounds just convoluted enough to be the perfect PLL plot.

He Is A Lying Liar Who Lies

Okay, this isn't exactly hard and fast proof, but if Elliot is the kind of guy who would double cross two sister-cousins and then psychologically torture one of them via rubber masks and secret doses of mysterious drugs, then he's capable of pretty much anything. Claiming to love Charlotte doesn't absolve him of all of his lies – he claimed to love Alison, too.

Charlotte's Music Could Have Been Foreshadowing

During her tenure as A, Charlotte was a fan of utilizing music that provided hints about things to come. One such song was "Sisters" from White Christmas, which contains the lyric, "Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister / Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man." This could have been foreshadowing of the Ali/Elliot/Charlotte love triangle that was to come, and while it doesn't provide concrete proof that Elliot killed Charlotte, it does seem to imply dark things going on between those three characters.

Charlotte Is In On The Plan

Charlotte spent years being the puppet-master to end all puppet-masters in Rosewood, so could she have been so easily duped by some random guy who can't even keep his accents straight? It's possible Charlotte's abrupt death wasn't what it seemed, and that she's actually in on Elliot's plan. Perhaps he "killed" her by helping her fake her death, all in a roundabout way of torturing Ali some more and getting her money. Everyone knows how much Charlotte has enjoyed torturing Alison.

With so many theories flying around, only one thing is for certain: things in Rosewood are never what they seem. Pretty Little Liars is bound to cycle through a few more reveals before it exposes just what Elliot's motives are for any of his actions, but it's a guarantee that whatever his motives are, they aren't good.