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These 'PLL' Clues Hint That Melissa Could Totally Be A.D.

As the end of Pretty Little Liars draws near, fan theories about who A.D. is continue to get more and more intricate. At this point it seems anyone could be A.D. and every single person has motive. However, there's one character that's always been high on the suspect list and that's Spencer's big sister. There are plenty of clues that Melissa is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars, however, there's also plenty of evidence that she isn't. Still, she's always been a bit suspicious and though she's claimed everything she's ever done was to protect Spencer, it doesn't change the fact there's still a lot of questions that surround her. Plus, her family's a bit of a mess.

On Pretty Little Liars, it seems all roads lead back to the DiLaurentis and Hastings families. These two families are so mixed up and tied together that it wouldn't be surprising if A.D. was related to the families in some way. Though Mona bears no relation to anyone (or does she?), Charlotte was connected to everyone. She was Ali's cousin, Spencer's half-sister, Jessica's niece, and Mary Drake and Pastor Ted's daughter. It's why she was so vindictive. She had good cause. Similarly, who would have better motive than someone else who was caught up in the messy web of these families? Check out these clues below and decide for yourself if you think Melissa is guilty.

She's Been M.I.A. For A While

Where has Melissa gone off to now? Last time she was in Rosewood she was suspected of killing Charlotte. Ever since then she's been mysteriously absent and one has to wonder why? What are you up to Melissa?

She's Been There For All The Big Moments

As Reddit user spencerdrake5 points out, Melissa has been there since the very beginning and has been part of almost every major event. She was there when Alison disappeared, during the lodge fire, on the Halloween train, etc. Sure she hasn't been around recently, but the fact that she was around for all these notable events seems a bit suspicious and may hint that she isn't as far away as we think.

Melissa & Charlotte May Have Been Friends

The main reason people don't think Melissa is A.D. is because they think she killed Charlotte but what if she didn't. What if they were secretly friends? Or as spncrhastngs suggests, maybe they were even partners. That would explain why A.D. wanted Charlotte's killer found.

She Has Reasons To Hate The Liars

Some people may think Melissa would only hate Spencer, but she has plenty of reason to hate all the Liars. As Reddit user LittleMissRedCoat reminds us, Ali pushed Ian off the bell tower, killing him. It was because of the stress of that that Melissa also lost her baby. Plus, Melissa buried Bethany alive just to protect Spencer and then Spencer and friends turned around and accused her husband (Ian) of murder. It's easy to understand why she'd be pissed.

As the series finale nears, the list of A.D. suspects will hopefully get smaller until the real A.D. is revealed. Maybe it'll be Melissa, or maybe it'll be someone else entirely. Fans will just have to wait to find out.