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Clues Spencer's Twin Is A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars'

by Zakiya Jamal

It's the final Pretty Little Liars Tuesday ever and it certainly feels bittersweet. While it'll be hard to say goodbye to our favorite characters and ships, it'll also be a great relief to finally have answers to all of our dying questions. However, until the finale actually airs, there's still time to theorize. Though there's a lot of speculation around who A.D. could be, some of the fandom seem pretty decided that it's Spencer's twin, also known as Twincer or Spenceritta. In fact, there are plenty of PLL clues that suggest Spencer's twin is A.D. and at this point it'd be kind of disappointing if Spencer's twin isn't Uber A. It'll be like the Charlotte reveal all over again (I still think it should've been Wren).

With these theories, though, it's hard to believe A.D. could be anyone else but Twincer. The evidence is pretty damning and it seems the DiLaurentis and Hastings families seem to always be at the center of everything. All the signs definitely seem to be pointing to the twin reveal and fans are really just waiting for confirmation at this point. However, how will the Liars react if it turns out A.D. was actually Spencer's sister and Ali's cousin the whole time? Thankfully, fans don't have to wait much longer to find out. Check out the clues below!

(Evil) Twins Run In The Family

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Typically, twins run in families. Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis are identical twins so it wouldn't be surprising if one of them had twins of their own. While there's a bit of a debate over who's worse, Mary or Jessica, either way it's clear this family has a history of vindictive twin sisters.

Twincer Wanted to Avenge Charlotte's Death

When A.D. first came into the picture, they wanted Charlotte's killer to be found. It'd make sense if Spencer's twin, who'd also be Charlotte's little sister, wanted justice for her death.

The Weird Airport Scene

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When Ezra ran into "Spencer" and Wren at the airport, Spencer was acting very strange. For one, she was clearly having a fight with Wren when she spotted Ezra. But more importantly, she told Ezra not to tell anyone he saw her there. She supposedly did it so Detective Fury wouldn't find out, but why would Ezra have spoken to Fury anyway? It's more likely this was Spencer's twin and she was meeting with Wren to go over their A.D. plans.

The Finale Promo Is All About Spencer/Twincer

If you've watched the promo 10 times like I have, you'll notice there's a common theme: it's all about Spencer. You see Spencer with Toby, Spencer comforting Aria, Spencer getting punched by Mona, then drugged and hugged by Mary Drake. There's also the Spencer associates that show up like Melissa and Wren. Why would the whole promo be centered around Spencer if the A.D. reveal didn't have something to do with her? And what if it's not even Spencer in all those scenes — what if some of them are Twincer?

The Twin Has Motive

Besides wanted to avenge Charlotte's death, it'd make sense that Twincer hates Spencer. While Spencer was adopted by the Hastings and got to live a pretty good life (until all this A stuff started, of course), who knows what happened to the twin. Essentially, things could have easily gone the other way and Spencer is basically living the life the twin probably believes she should've had.

Find out who A.D. really is when the series finale of Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 27.