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These Cody Memes From 'BB19' Are Hilariously Accurate

Love him or hate him, Cody Nickson is probably the most talked about houseguest of Big Brother 19. As the first Head of Household he ended up nominating a record number of six people for eviction, and dismantled his alliance when he put Christmas on the block. He and his showmance partner, Jessica, were then blindsided when Christmas stayed and Jillian was sent packing. Now it seems Cody is going home, but before he does — let's take a look at all the excellent Cody memes from Big Brother 19 so far.

Besides not being afraid to rock the boat in the house, Cody has become most notable for his lack of facial expressions. Nothing seems to rattle him and he tends to choose quiet brooding over loud outbursts (though he did let Josh have it after the live eviction). Cody's lack of emotions have become so notable that the show now plays on it, sometimes playing crickets while Cody just keeps a straight face.

His lack of empathy has become a running joke on the show and amongst fans, which is why the memes are so hilarious. They're just too accurate and perfectly capture Cody's attitude in the house. Here are just some of the best memes.

Cody's Basically Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps became a meme when he made this iconic face at the 2016 Olympics, but now the meme is being used to illustrate Cody's priceless reactions to not getting his way.

Cody & His Toothbrush

Cody seems to always be brushing his teeth during episodes, so fans have now made it running joke that Cody is closer to his toothbrush than he is to any of the houseguests. Feels accurate.

Horror Movie Cody

This is really production's fault. In the most recent episode, every time the camera cut to Cody there would be classic scary movie music played. Now fans have referenced Cody to all kinds of scary movie villains like Michael Meyers from Halloween.

The Many Emotions of Cody

Fans have had too much fun making memes of Cody's unchanging face throughout this season. The meme is simple: take one photo of Cody and use it for every emotion.

Not You Cody

Similar to when Gretchen Wieners got no candy grams in Mean Girls, fans will happily tweet good morning to everyone, except Cody (and sometimes Jessica).

Victim Noises

After his fight with Josh, Cody said Josh was making “victim noises” leaving many fans confused. Of course, the phrase then turned into a meme.

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