Colugo Comes Through For The LGBTQ+ Community With A Cool Rainbow Stroller

As Pride month starts to come to a close, you might be looking for ways to continue to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. Maybe you’ve dressed your baby in Pride onesies or read books at bedtime. Heck, maybe you’ve even celebrated Pride at work. But if you want to keep the momentum (and your baby) moving, look no further than this super cool Pride stroller from Colugo.

Colugo has created its Pride stroller in partnership with the Family Equality Council, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to advance equality for LGBTQ+ families, as well as those who wish to start them. The navy blue-colored stroller (which ratails for $285), is outfitted with a rainbow on both the canopy and the seat, makes a simple yet bold statement in support of Pride. One interesting thing to note is the rainbow flag on the stroller also sports a brown and black stripe. “The addition of the black and brown stripes to the rainbow is one of the key things that came of this, and is also a nod to the inclusive Pride flag, designed in Philly, where Colugo was born and is headquartered,” says Rob Spalding, Design Director at Colugo.

Perfect for LGBTQ+ families and those who support the equal treatment of them, the Colugo stroller has a one-hand, two-second fold design, according to the company’s website. That means less time struggling with the stroller (and cursing when you can’t get the dang thing to close), and more time getting on with your day. And unlike other big bulky carriages that definitely build up your muscles but don’t make your life easier, the Colugo stroller is super lightweight, which means you won’t strain yourself schlepping it around.

You know how the bulk of strollers are, well, bulky? Not the Colugo. Another great design feature is that the carriage is quite compact. For people short on space (or who just don’t want the baby’s stroller to take up their entire entryway), you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to wrestle the carriage into the closet each and every night.

And then there’s the cleanliness factor. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing worse than thinking that your baby carriage is clean — and then stepping out into the light of day and discovering that there are questionable spots everywhere that you assume everyone can see. Thankfully, the Colugo comes equipped with removable machine-washable layers. So in theory, you can have one layer in the stroller and another one in the wash (if you remember to take it out of the machine, that is), and avoid all those mommy shamers out there.

Toting around your tot in the Colugo Pride stroller will help LGBTQ+ families with theirs. According to the company, 100 percent of profits from the sales of the Pride Stroller will be donated to the Family Equality Council. If you already have a Colugo stroller sans a rainbow flag, don’t worry. The company is offering a comfort set for customers who want to swap their existing design for the Pride one for $50. And Colugo will be gifting some of the members from the San Francisco LGBTQ community with strollers to walk in the SF Pride Parade this weekend, according to Spalding.

The Colugo won The Bump’s Best of Baby Awards 2019, and it’s easy to see why. It has ample storage for your diaper bag and other mommy must-haves. And having your baby out and about should be smooth sailing, since the Colugo’s tires are non-puncture and have suspension for an easy-breezy outing for all families celebrating Pride.