'Sesame Street' fans can now get driving instruction from Cookie Monster himself
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Cookie Monster Can Be Your Personal Navigator On Next Your Family Road Trip

I'm not ashamed to admit I can get a little frustrated with the smug-sounding woman giving me GPS directions. There's something about her voice, a weary irritation like she assumes she's going to have to recalculate route for me once again, that gets me angry. Cookie Monster, on the other hand, would never make me angry. And it turns out Cookie Monster can give me driving directions through the Waze app, so I think there are going to be a lot of people who see a dramatic drop in their driving anxiety. Unless he keeps redirecting me to the local bakery or something. We can't have that... or at least we can't have that every day.

In honor the perpetually hungry muppet's birthday on Nov. 2, Waze announced it will be bringing back Cookie Monster's voice and mood to give its users driving instructions for a limited time. Waze is a free, community-driven GPS app that offers its users the shortest route and helps navigate around potential traffic as though they were a local, so already pretty awesome. But adding Cookie Monster's dulcet tones and charmingly poor grammar into the mix is like adding extra chocolate chips to your cookie. Exactly the thing you need to get you through your commute.

This is the second time Waze users will be able to access Cookie Monster's voice as their personal navigator. In May, the GPS app announced a partnership with Sesame Workshop in honor of Sesame Street's 50th anniversary. Waze offered Sesame Street fans a "Waze Maze" in 10 different cities as well as the option to use Cookie Monster's voice to help guide them through the streets... or perhaps help them find their way to actual Sesame Street?

I have a feeling that location is a closely guarded secret.

Driving fans who remember their own deep love of Sesame Street's resident cookie addict are excited to find out he's back, even if it might be for only a short while. As one social media user noted. "Thank you! I was so bummed when you removed him, as each day Cookie Monster's voice cheered me. Looking forward to enjoying him again."

It isn't just grown ups who prefer to do their daily commute with a side of "C Is For Cookie" either. One dad took to Twitter to admit that Cookie Monster's voice was the only thing getting his kid into the car without staging a coup.

It's super easy to get yourself hooked up with Cookie Monster's voice and mood through the Waze app. Simply go into the voice and sound settings within the app and download Cookie Monster's voice. The head off into the sunset or wherever you might have planned to travel with Cookie Monster as your personal guide. Not only will this hopefully offer you a lovely little descent into your own childhood, but it will keep those creatures called children relatively calm and entertained throughout.

Plus I think Cookie Monster might be able to direct you to the best chocolate chip cookie in town, which is a win/win.