Cookie Monster Admits He's Been Eating "Lots Of Snackies Lately" In Sweet New Series

As we're all hanging out at home much more than they used to these days, I'm happy to report that Sesame Street has gifted fans with some adorable and charming new content. Like Cookie Monster's "Snack Chat" videos, where he admits that he is struggling with his snacking just like everyone else. It's quite empowering.

As part of Sesame Street's new Caring For Each Other initiative, an online hub that's full of free resources and activities for families who are cooped up at home, Cookie Monster discusses his favorite pastime, aka snacking, in a new series of videos called "Snack Chat," the "show where you snack more than you chat." Every Tuesday, new videos of Cookie Monster gabbing about yummy snacks will be posted on the Caring For Each Other website as well as Sesame Street's YouTube and Facebook channels.

The most recent video, which was posted on April 7, documents Cookie Monster making a delicious smoothie — after washing his hands and dishing on how much food he's already eaten, of course. "If you're like me, you've been home with lots of snackies lately," Cookie Monster says in the video that's about two minutes long and then goes through the list of all the food he's eaten: toaster pastries, fruit cups, granola bars.

The hungry little monster decides to teach kids how to make a fruit smoothie, even though he's "not changing me name to 'Fruit Smoothie Monster."

The first episode of "Snack Chat" features Cookie Monster teaching kids how to enjoy a cookie, in a bit of a Master Class fashion. Smelling it, looking at it, and then eventually gobbling it up. Clearly life is all about balance.

Cookie Monster isn't the only one on Sesame Street stepping up to entertain kids with his singular talents these days. Oscar the Grouch shared a video asking people to "Stay At Home" and have a rotten day as only Oscar the Grouch can. Elmo and Snuffaluffagus shared a "Dance Your Favorite Dance" video to give kids the chance to get in some fun exercise.

The whole Sesame Street gang is pulling together to make it easier to stay at home. Perhaps especially Cookie Monster, who is going to elevate everyone's snacking to a whole other level.