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These 10 Cooking Subscription Boxes For Kids Will Make Mealtime Way More Fun

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Even if you crave being in the kitchen, it’s easy to get burnt out from cooking for your kids every single day. And it’s even more challenging when you’ve been stuck at the stove only to have your child pick at their pasta. Maybe it's time your little ones start cooking their own dang meals (sort of). Get ready to recruit your mini sous chef, because these 10 cooking subscription boxes for kids will boost your bonding time — and possibly get them to actually eat.

“Subscription meal kits are a great way to bring kids into the kitchen,” nutritionist Kara Hoerr, RDN, tells Romper in an email. “Meal kits often provide a balanced and complete meal and may include cuisines or foods that are new to you. This increases the variety of foods and flavors your kids are exposed to that they wouldn't normally see.” And even if your kiddo isn’t crazy about carrots, receiving them in a surprise box just might make them want to nibble on a new-to-them veggie.

And apart from the added bonding that occurs when you’re cooking together, your kid can learn so much from a cooking subscription box. “Kid-friendly cooking subscription boxes each have their own unique spin on education, but all of these subscription services incorporate educational opportunities such as learning about new cultures and food traditions, practicing mindfulness, experimenting with science, or practicing math skills with measuring,” adds dietitian Erin Palinkski-Wade, RD, in an email to Romper. Not only does your child get to sample nutritious foods, they get real-life experience working with super useful everyday concepts in a wide range of subjects.

So try out these cooking subscription boxes that will help make mealtime more meaningful.

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Your fam doesn't have to like actual radishes to dig Raddish, the monthly cooking subscription for kids. Each box ($24/per monthly kit, $22/per kit for a 6-month subscription, or $20/per kit for a 12-month subscription), has a culinary theme, and you’ll get a shopping list emailed to you before it’s delivered. Each kit (which ships free) contains three recipe guides, a kitchen tool, a project that you can create in the kitchen, skill lessons, and a complete grocery list. Recipes are broken down into simple steps, and come on laminated pages — perfect in case of spills. The themes make everything extra fun; for October, there's the Frightful Fiesta box (Mummy Enchiladas, Creepy Corn dip, Haunted Tres Leches Cake and even pinatas or the Spooky Kitchen kit (Boo-nana Bread, Jack-o-Pot Pie and Haunted Hummus and chips).


America’s Test Kitchen Kids

Kids can become part of the America's Test Kitchen Kids Young Chefs’ Club, a themed box club ($24.99/month, $21.00/month for 6 months, and $19.99/month for 12 months), for kids ages 5 and up. It's full of food-related activities and kid-approved recipes that both kids and adults will like. Themes include noodles, cookies, pack a picnic, and more. You can also find free recipes on the site, where you can learn how to make things like buttermilk-ranch pita chips, blueberry cobbler, and even sweet and salty pepitas.



For those times when you just need a chocolate chip cookie, Baketivity lets you bake with your babe. You can choose from baking kits like the Whoopee Pie Baking Kit ($34.95), Funfetti Muffins Baking Kit ($29.99), or even a bagels baking kit ($32.95); if you want to make it a regular thing, you can choose from four plans: a monthly plan ($32.95), a 3-month plan ($30.95), 6 months ($29.17), or yearly $25.95/month). All boxes ship free, which means more time to bond over baking brownies. Plus, kits come with pre-measured ingredients and all the fun bells and whistles you'll need for fancier treats.



No time to shop? Yumble delivers deliciousness right to your door in sustainable boxes. In addition to fresh food, you’ll also find fun activities like stickers and talking topics to make mealtime more fun. And if you feel like taking time off from the kitchen for a few days, Yumble offers daily meal plans ($7.99 per meal/6 meals per week, $6.99 per meal/8 meals per week, and $5.99 per meal for 16 meals a week). The meals come fully cooked and ready to heat (and eat!) in under 90 seconds, which can definitely help during the witching hour. The nutritionist designed meals include foods like sesame-ginger veggie stir fry, chicken mac & cheese, and savory meatballs & veggies using regionally-sourced ingredients in your area.



Kids can help sauté and stir up a magnificent meal with Kidstir. The monthly box service offers four plans ($24.99/month; $24.99/3 months; $21.99/6 months, and $19.99/12 months). You’ll get three recipes to cook together, plus culinary tools and fun things like games and activities to help make the experience memorable. The recipes will fit into the Kidstir Cookbook Binder, so that you can make that chicken parm again.


Little Spoon

You can customize a Plates plan on Little Spoon, a site that offers organic options for your child. You can receive 4 meals a week for $6.49 per meal, and up to 12 meals per week for $4.99 per meal. The plates are designed to stay fresh in your fridge for 14 days, (or can be frozen for later, too). To help kids stay healthy, there are hidden veggies in every bite, and there are no preservatives, GMOs, or additives, according to the site.


Harlow's Harvest

Every Harlow's Harvest Cooking Academy Kit is STEM-focused, exploring themes like geography and history, so your kid will be learning more than how to make Smiley Face Pizza or Rainbow Veggie Pasta. Monthly memberships are $23; the price goes down to $21 and $19 for 6 month and 12 month subscriptions, respectively.


Raised Real

Organic meals abound at Raised Real, which ships healthy food options for your child to your home. Each meal has organic, plant-based ingredients, is non GMO, and is gluten-free and Big 8 allergen-free, too. Opt for Breakfast Oats or Anytime Meals (like sweet potato, mango, coconut milk, lucuma powder, and chia seeds), designed to boost bone health and promote brain and muscle development. You can choose to get 12 or 24 meals every 2 or 4 weeks. Each meal costs $4.99 and ships free.


Little Sous

With recipes that are perfect for kids who know the basics, the Little Sous Kitchen Academy subscription box is a monthly themed cooking box including a step-by-step cooking lesson, family-friendly recipes; activity cards, a ready-to-color poster with games and puzzles, stickers, and either a safe, high-quality kitchen tool or non-perishable ingredient. Subscriptions are available for $24.99/month, $22.49/6 months, and $19.99/12 months.



Prepare to take your tastebuds around the world (literally) with eat2explore. The food boxes contain not just recipes from regions all across the globe, but it has the essential spices and mixes you’ll need to make the meals, too. You’ll also get a fun cooking tool, educational activity sheets (even cute collectibles like a passport, country sticker, and a flag pin), along with a shopping list to help you prep Lomo Saltado from Peru, or Boeuf Bourguignon from France. You can opt for the Explore a Country option (one box for $24.95 monthly), Explore a Continent ($22.46/month for four months), and Explore the World ($21.21/month for 12 months).


Kara Hoerr, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist

Erin Palinkski-Wade, RD, registered dietitian

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