Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Corinne Makes A Bold First Move On 'The Bachelor'

Sooner or later, someone had to kiss Nick Viall on The Bachelor, but who could have predicted that it would be a hastily pressed on kiss during the first half of the Season 21 premiere? OK, anyone could have probably predicted that something like that would happen, but when Corinne and Nick kissed on The Bachelor, it was still an awkward surprise. A chorus didn’t exactly burst out in song and there were certainly no doves released. Not only did Corinne pull Nick away from someone else in order to get her smooch in, but Nick did not seem all that into it after it had happened. Don’t get me wrong — I'm sure Corinne has some very kissable lips and she is legit competition this season, but why did she have to force their first kiss?

It was certainly bold for Corinne to be the one to plant the first kiss on Nick, but it was almost a gimmick. Clearly, she wanted some way to be remembered for when the first rose ceremony came around and in a world of Shark Girls and those who ride in on the backs of camels, she likely felt that she had to step it up a bit. And in any other situation, being so bold and confident would have been a smart move. But during the very first evening, after interrupting his time with another contestant, Corinne kissed Nick on The Bachelor, and it wasn’t cool.

Now, that’s not to say that Nick didn’t enjoy the kiss, because by all accounts, it seemed like it had the potential to be a memorable one. But he also seemed so surprised by it that he couldn’t really enjoy it. And after seeing the obvious connection between Nick and Rachel, it had seemed more likely that the two of them would share in the season’s first kiss. Of course just because Nick and Corinne kissed in a rushed, almost awkward way, it doesn’t mean that viewers can completely count out the Miami businesswoman. Corinne was determined to make an impression with that kiss and although Nick wasn't exactly blown away by it, he probably won’t soon forget it either.

And maybe her mentality of not being on the show to make friends or worry about the feelings of the other women will be what helps her continue to make bold moves and eventually win over his heart. Nick keeps talking about how much he loves confidence in a woman, but let's just hope that Corinne’s head doesn’t grow too much larger. In the world of The Bachelor, there is a fine line between confidence and carelessness.