Costco Won't Sell Half-Sheet Cakes Anymore & Twitter Thinks It Knows Why

If you were someone who was hoping to celebrate anything at all with a sheet cake this weekend, you're going to want to look at other options. Costco discontinued their half-sheet cakes, and their social media fan base is really not loving it. Hey, it's hard to give up a special treat, even if you happen to be someone who was planning on pretending you had a big celebration but really just wanted to mindlessly eat sheet cake and re-watch your favorite Golden Girls episodes on the sofa.

It all started on May 29, when Costco shocked half-sheet cake fans across the country with a low-key announcement on Facebook that it would not be selling its famous celebration cakes any longer. The post was promoting 10-inch round cakes as a way to celebrate, but tossed in an ominous note tossed at the end: "Big achievements deserve a celebration! Share the love with your grad by picking up a round 10” cake at the bakery. Please note: Half-sheet cakes are currently not available to order or customize."

A spokesperson for the company later confirmed that the half-sheet cakes had indeed been discontinued in the comment section on Facebook, writing, "To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments. At this time, we are not making sheet cakes for special order.”

Costco half-sheet cakes are something of a cult favorite among the company's fan base (and not just because they sell for $18 and can feed 40 people). Half-sheet cakes come in several designs, per Taste of Home, featuring hearts or lattice or even a dinosaur, and are offered in two flavors; white cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse and topped with white buttercream frosting or chocolate filled with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Sounds delicious, right? No wonder so many people are taking to social media to share their heartbreak over the loss of these cakes. One Facebook user wrote, "I bought my membership strictly for the sheet cake. Yum. Now I find myself there once a month spending all my money. Was just there today looking to see if they had any extra sheet cakes but did not and did not have the chocolate grad cakes. So bummed. Please bring back the sheet cake!!!!or make smaller ones with same ingredients." Another wrote that the cakes were especially dear to them for big occasions, "I love the sheet cakes! I buy very few bakery items, but I get these cakes for big occasions and they taste great. They should NOT be discontinued."

The decision by Costco to discontinue half-sheet cakes has some fans speculating that there might be another reason behind it: To discourage large gatherings.

Whether or not the decision was based on discouraging large gatherings or COVID-19 social distancing measures, one thing is certain. People are really going to miss these cakes.

Even people who just want to eat them all by themselves.