Build Your Own Party-In-A-Box With Coterie's Super Cool Online Design Tool

Throwing a party is always a lot more work than you think it's going to be, especially if you're looking to host a get-together that's a tad more sophisticated than the average cheese cubes and red Solo cup kind of affair. It's not easy to find party supplies that reflect your aesthetic (unless your aesthetic is "Paw Patrol" or "frat house"). That's what makes Coterie's party supplies so appealing: Not only are the brand's disposable goods super chic, you can either buy a pre-designed party set or create your own using Coterie's party box-building tool. (Either way, it's a million times easier than trying to come up with a theme on your own.)

Let's say you're beyond busy and the very idea of having to choose between two different styles of cups seems overwhelming. (Alternate scenario: You're not the best with this stuff and don't actually trust your judgment re: paper napkins.) In either of these cases, Coterie's pre-styled party in a box is probably the way to go. There are designated birthday, baby and bridal shower options, as well as themes meant to work for any kind of party (even the ones you have for no reason at all).

One such example is the Amalfi Blues set, which starts at $59 for 10 people (sets are available for 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 people, in both "Essentials" and "Luxe" versions). Featured in the Essentials set are plates "inspired by Italian tiles," according to the Coterie website, plus gold flatware, confetti, votives, and star-shaped toppers (gold brushstroke cups and napkins also included). Spring for the Luxe version ($86 for 10) and you'll also get gold and navy balloons, gold drinking straws, and a string of gold twinkle lights for even more sparkle.


Want to host a particularly festive Easter this year? Starting at $55 for 10 people, the Essentials version of the Happy Spring set includes mint and lavender plates, gold brushstroke cups and napkins, gold cutlery, pastel balloons, bunny treat boxes and sparkle confetti. The Luxe set ($102) has all of that plus iridescent straws, mint party fans, and two decorative banners (a bunny banner and a banner with gold letters that can spell out whatever you want).


What if you think that set is almost perfect but you wish the plates or the balloons were a different color? That's where the aforementioned online party set-building tool comes in. It's set up as a "pop quiz," where you answer a series of questions (occasion, number of guests, etc.). Informed by your answers, the tool guides you through the rest by suggesting decor and supplies that fit with your theme and showing your choices digitally rendered on a tabletop.

This video explains the process:

Fun, right? I tried the tool out for myself, just for the sake of research (and now I'm desperate for an excuse to plan a party). I chose "just because" as my occasion and "whimsical" for my vibe, and here's what the tool came up with for my party of 10 ("Luxe" version):

So pretty! (I'm not mentally putting together a guest list right now or anything,) Another cool feature is that if there are things you decide that you don't need, you can just remove them from your shopping cart when you check out. (Like, if I weren't serving anything I could put the toppers on, I wouldn't have to buy them.) And while there's no discount on individual Coterie items when you buy them in a set, they're still surprisingly affordable; I honestly don't think I'd be able to get the same number of similar products at any of the big chain party stores for any cheaper (and they wouldn't look this cool, either). All in all, this is a tool I'd absolutely use for my next real party.

Check out more "elevated party supplies" on the Coterie website.