OMG, Dairy Queen's Piñata Party Blizzard Has A Surprise Center & Glitter On Top

If you’re the kind of person who has trouble choosing whether you want cake or ice cream for dessert, then Dairy Queen’s new Piñata Party Blizzard is for you. It tastes just like a birthday cake, but that's not even the best part: Just like a real piñata, this frosty treat is packed with sweet surprises. And you don't even have to hit it with a stick.

Inside the light pink Blizzard (it may look like strawberry, but it’s actually vanilla soft serve) you’ll find confetti cake pieces, pink confetti icing, and a surprise center of confetti cake white chocolate stars. It's all topped with a generous swirl of whipped topping and swirl of edible glitter. Yes, I said edible glitter. Yes, this is a majestic treat fit for a unicorn or a fairy.

Beginning Thursday, June 18, the Piñata Party Blizzard will be available at participating Dairy Queen locations nationwide, while supplies last. You might want to call your local Dairy Queen before heading over to make sure they're "participating" so you don’t experience an epic meltdown from a toddler who had their heart set on this special Blizzard (though the Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard is also pink, and a good substitute in a pinch).

Dairy Queen

The (very) limited edition Piñata Party Blizzard is said to be available only from June 18 through June 21 (at least according to one Dairy Queen's Instagram feed). Father’s Day is June 21 this year, so you could celebrate a special dad in your life by treating the family to a round of Blizzards (they come in various sizes), or maybe mark the unofficial start of summer with the cold pink treat.

As anyone who's ever had the joy of eating a Dairy Queen Blizzard can attest, the person making the soft serve concoction will flip it upside down before handing it over to you. This is nothing short of magic (and a true indicator of just how thick these Blizzards really are). A word of warning though: Do not try this at home, unless you want a lap full of ice cream. Otherwise, enjoy Dairy Queen’s new Piñata Party Blizzard with abandon while you can.