OMG, Look At This Harley Quinn Build-A-Bear — Your Other DC Favorites Are There, Too

When my husband and I were trying to conceive (TTC) a few years ago, we were having some "trouble," you could say. To take our minds off of the anxiety and heartache that is TTC when one of you has PCOS, we decided to get into something where we could escape our current reality for a bit — we started reading comics. We were transported into worlds where superheroes save the day, and we could forget about the fact I started my period (again). So I am thrilled to share that DC Build-A-Bear friends are now available at the workshop, and all of your favorite characters and villains are there waiting for you to bring them home.

Not only are there specially designed bears with the Batman and Flash logos, as well as Joker and Harley Quinn personas, but there are DC accessories, t-shirts, costumes, hoodies, and even a voice box featuring six of Batman's famous sayings. This year is the 80th anniversary of the Batman comic, and Sept. 21 is this year's annual Batman Day, so purchasing pieces from this DC Build-A-Bear collection is the perfect way to celebrate.

The logo bears are $30 and the sets — which include the bear, the costume, rubber boots, and the voice box — are $60. However, Build-A-Bear is selling the costumes individually, too. So if you (I mean your kid) already have a Build-A-Bear, they obviously need another outfit. Especially since Halloween is coming up. Maybe your entire family — including your Build-A-Bear — can go as DC comic characters? Or even better — the Justice League. Oh, man. I thought I wanted my son to be a llama for Halloween, now I'm having second thoughts. The Superman ($16), Batgirl ($8), Joker ($16), and Wonder Woman ($18) costumes are un-bear-ably cute. There is even a Cyborg costume ($11) and a bear-sized Batmobile ($30).

And Build-A-Bear really nailed it with the colors and costumes for these bears. The Batman bear is grey with black bats and the signature Batman yellow inside his ears and on his feet, but he even has Batman's signature determined look in his eyes and smirk on his face. I can't. The Joker bear is Joker purple, with bright green hair, bright green feet, and of course there's "HA! HA! HA!" all over his body. And who can forget about The Flash bear, with his signature red color and yellow lightning bolt logo all over.

Each bear also has the comic version of their namesake on their foot, including Harley Quinn, who is as festive as ever with her red, black, and white jester outfit, complete with the jester hat and mallet.

I don't know about you, but I know what I'm getting my son (aka me) for Christmas. And maybe a little pre-holiday gift for the family to go along with our Justice League family Halloween costume I just decided we're doing. Thanks Build-A-Bear. But seriously, you guys have to go check out this DC Build-A-Bear collection as quickly as you can. So make like The Flash and go!