'Dear Baby' By Paris Rosenthal & Holly Hatam Is The Sweetest Love Letter To Your Kid

If you’re a fan of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s legendary and gorgeous picture books, then you’re probably well acquainted with her daughter Paris, who is continuing the picture book legacy. New York Times Bestselling author and illustrator duo Paris Rosenthal and Holly Hatam published the third picture book in the Dear Girl and Dear Boy series called Dear Baby. And guys, it’s just as emotional and inspirational as you’d expect from them.

As with all of these “love letters to little ones,” Dear Baby is filled with love and encouragement, and reminds children “the world is big, bright, and ready just for them."

“Dear baby … [the world] shines brighter now that you are in it … remember your roots, and spread your branches far and wide,” the text reads. "No matter how far they go, they’re loved.” Excuse me while I grab some tissues.

Illustrator Holly Hatam tells Romper in an email interview that all of these books in the series — including the most recent Dear Baby — are so empowering. “It’s little life lessons packaged in a book that kids can refer back to over and over again when they need a little inspiration,” she says.

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Hatam’s digital illustrations can be seen in all three of the books, but in Dear Baby, she tells Romper that the illustrations are slightly different from the other two in the series — starting with more diversity in the characters. She says she also added a bit more details in the character’s hair and “played more with shadows and highlights.” Hatam adds that this book is more grounded and set in reality as well. “It’s also a little less magical and whimsical than the other two books,” Hatam says, “but the message of the books is uplifting and inspirational like the first two books.

“I illustrate from my heart and the most important thing for me when illustrating is infusing my emotions into my drawings,” Hatam says. “My illustrations are simple yet full of emotion. My color palette is minimal, so the focus is always on the characters and the emotions they are feeling.” And the illustrations definitely shine through in Dear Baby — you can feel the emotions vibrate right off the page.

“I believe I am on this Earth to spread kindness and inspire people to find their magic,” Hatam says about her work on this series. Well, these books certainly do that and more, so grab your copy today from HarperCollins. And be on the lookout for the fourth book in this series titled, Dear Teacher, Hatam tells Romper.