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'Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese Is Ready For Her Son In Latest Pregnancy Update

by Casey Suglia

Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore is more than ready to give birth to her little "meatball" — whenever that may be. After announcing her pregnancy earlier this summer, Cortese has finally reached the end of her nine months, but her baby is staying put for now. Other moms can sympathize with Deena Cortese's 40-week pregnancy update that revealed she's pretty much ready for her pregnancy to be over.

Early on in her pregnancy, Cortese announced that she and her husband, Chris Buckner, were expecting a son, due in December 2018. But, considering that there is only one day left in the year, it could be that Cortese will be meeting her little boy in 2019 instead. Cortese took to Instagram on Saturday to share with her followers that, in spite of her silence on social media, she hadn't given birth just yet. From the post, you can sense Cortese's frustration with coming to her due date and not meeting her baby. But at the same time, you can sense how excited and ready she is to finally meet her little one, who she announced is going to be named Christopher John, or CJ, according to People.

"Yes...yes I'm still pregnant," Cortese wrote in the caption of the post. "Getting a lot of messages and tweets assuming I had the baby because I haven't posted since Christmas...but it seems like CJ is just super comfy in mommy's uterus."

Cortese continued, sharing a very important reminder with people who might not think before they speak. Cortese wrote:

Before you comment "I feel like you've been pregnant forever" .. imagine how I feel .. so let's refrain from that .. hoping he'll be here soon because Mommy and Daddy are super ready to meet him.

Pregnancy can be long and tiresome. Between the symptoms and changes in the body, moms can feel worn out by the time those nine to 10 months are over. And when people make comments about an expecting mother's due date or growing size, they might not realize that those comments are hurting their feelings. Cortese's post serves as a gentle reminder for people to think before they make any comments about a woman who is 40 weeks pregnant.

But Cortese's Instagram followers didn't need to hear this message — because those same followers took to the comments of the post to share encouraging messages for the mother to be.

"He'll be here soon, mama!!," Cortese's friend and Jersey Shore cast mate, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi wrote. "Cannot wait to meet my mini meatball!"

"Oh I know Deena my son was two weeks late with no sign of wanting to come out," another commenter shared. "I had to be induced. No worries you will have a healthy baby."

"You're still looking super cute," another commenter perfectly stated. "Hang in there mama."

Cortese revealed to Page Six earlier this month that her due date was Sunday, Dec. 30. But after Cortese posted a photo of her dog on that same day, it didn't really seem as though she had gone into labor yet.

Although the end of Cortese's year hasn't gone exactly according to plan, this is only going to make 2019 sweeter for her. In the same interview, Cortese told Page Six that she doesn't typically make resolutions in the new year, but hopes to "maybe" lose some "baby weight" throughout the course of the upcoming months.

Considering that Cortese told People in November that her and her husband already had their baby's room ready for his arrival, you can tell that they're super prepared. All that is left is for Cortese to give birth, whenever that may be.

Who knows? Cortese could be in store for the best New Year's Eve celebration ever if she gives birth just in time to ring in 2019 as a family of three.

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