These Delta Kid Furniture Bundles Include JoJo Siwa & Marvel Sets For As Low As $399

When we moved my son’s crib mattress down to the lowest level, I may or may not have shed a tear. I know I’m a damn sap, but it’s a big milestone. He’s no longer a baby, and I can’t imagine how emotional I’ll be when he transitions to a toddler bed. Oh, all the feels. If you’re in this phase of your life with your kid right now, thankfully, Delta kid furniture is on sale right now, and the bundles are majorly helpful.

Guys, everything from the mattress, the dresser, the nightstand, and even sheets, are up to 65 percent off. Delta is hoping to help parents transition and redecorate “beautifully on a budget” by offering a sale on the six-piece kid bundles starting at $700. The Delta Children website allows you to customize your child’s bedroom set by mixing and matching styles, and you can save up to 65 percent off. And these six-piece bundles include themed bedroom sets featuring JoJo Siwa, DC Super Hero Girls, Batman, Spiderman, and more.

Delta Children has bedroom (and even playroom) sets for all sorts of budgets. With playroom sets for $300, and different kids’ bedroom sets from $400 to $450, $700 to $750, $800 to $900, and for the fancy big kahuna kid bedroom sets, from $1,000 and up. But remember, you can save up to 65 percent off on the six-piece kid bundles. Oh, and did I mention each of the furniture sets have free shipping? This is perfect for people who live in the city and do not own a truck or SUV, but a tiny VW Golf that barely fits her child’s car seat. I am "people." People is me.


The Batman bedroom set is so cool, I almost want it for our master bedroom. Let’s face it, my husband would probably be down since Batman is his favorite superhero. But you can customize the dresser drawer and nightstand to be white, gray, or dark brown, and it comes with a memory foam twin mattress, twin sheet set, a storage bench, an official Batman twin bed that has the coolest graphic on the foot of the bed, and even a Batman area rug. There’s even a Justice League set for fans of all the DC superheroes. For Marvel fans, in addition to the Spiderman set, there’s an Avenger’s set, too. And as for the other sets, I totally thought the JoJo Siwa set was Lisa Frank — it's that amazing.

If I can get cool customized kid rooms like this, maybe my son transitioning from his crib won’t be so bad after all? (Who am I kidding. I’m still dreading it.) How do you keep your kids in the bed all night without them getting up to play with their toys, or them coming into your bed? All you people transitioning and taking advantage of this great deal, please get back to me with tips.

Also, another reason to choose Delta other than the amazing deals is that 10 percent of all profits go toward Delta’s “The Safe Sleep Campaign,” which is a “nationwide effort to educate parents on the importance of creating safe sleep conditions for their children, backed with a commitment to donate product to families in need,” according to the website.

If you’re mentally and emotionally ready, it’s time to head over to the Delta Children website to grab your kids’ room bundle today. For major savings, and literally everything included, it's a huge steal.