7 Things To Add To Your Diaper Bag In The Springtime, Because Your Routine's About To Change

The name is actually a bit deceiving when you really stop to think about it: A diaper bag is responsible for so much more than just being a portable way to store your baby's nappies. While diapers (and wipes) are the number one priority — otherwise your kid might have to ride home in a makeshift diaper (true story: happened in the backseat of my car at a Target parking lot) —it's important to make sure you have other essentials with you. That's why it's helpful to learn about the items to add to your diaper bag during spring versus any other time of year.

The same way every season presents a unique set of challenges — like how your diaper bag in the wintertime will involve cold temperature-related items — your baby's needs will also change when the weather starts to warm up.

Spring can be a particularly tricky time due to the often uneven mix of wintry temperatures and greenery fighting its way back to bloom. Regardless of where you live, the spring months definitely bring a little bit of unpredictability into the picture. At least with winter or summer, you know that it's for sure going to be freezing or sweltering no matter where you're headed for the day. So what items are essential for your springtime diaper bag? Check out these things you should add to your baby's diaper bag so you'll be prepared.


Protection From Pollen

Where I live, in Florida, a car parked outside will be completely covered in a fine yellow dust of pollen in the time it takes to shop for groceries. So even the healthiest person can still feel the effects of springtime allergens. The folks at Baby Center noted that babies are prone to getting seasonal allergies due to their developing immune systems. My son's pediatrician recommended getting kid-friendly allergy medicine and plenty of wet wipes to clean off any pollen-covered surfaces. Of course you should check with your child's doctor before introducing any new medicine, but if you get the green light, go ahead and keep a couple Benadryl stashed in your diaper bag just in case the springtime air stirs up your little one's allergies, and keep an eye out for these symptoms that your baby has seasonal allergies.



You might not be in warm weather mode yet since spring has its fair share of cloudy, chilly days. But the dropping temperatures or dark skies don't eliminate sun safety risks. As the official website for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) noted, "most of the sun's rays can come through the clouds on an overcast day; so use sun protection even on cloudy days. Whether you prefer to bring sunscreen or sun-safe clothing, keep your baby's skin damage-free by adding this simple item to your springtime bag, and don't forget to pack a tube for yourself.



OK, so this one can honestly be true for me 365 days out of the year. But something about the way spring seems to break the spell of winter makes me want to spend more time outdoors. So if you welcome the springtime with open arms, too, that likely means you'll be spending more time outside than in. Consequentially, as data insight researcher Andrew Waber told Marketing Land, smart device usage tends to be higher during warmer weather. You'll thank yourself later for remembering to pack a charger for your phone — or your child's tablet — in your diaper bag.


Weather-Appropriate Backup Clothes

If you're anything like I am, it might be hard to find the right balance between, "I knew I should have packed that," and, "I pack like I'm leaving for three days when it's only three hours." What seems to be the perfect middle option for spring is to bring lightweight clothing that can either be used to layer when temperatures suddenly drop or to replace a soiled outfit with something clean. Having a back-up plan doesn't mean it has to be a bulky one.


Ice Packs

Most likely, the springtime season is bringing warmer weather to your area, so that means if you're traveling with bottles filled with any type of milk, you'll want to make sure they stay cool until they are ready to be consumed.


Bug Spray

Whether your kiddo is particularly susceptible to insect bites or not, it's always a good idea to keep some bug spray on hand when you're heading out during spring. As Kids Plus Pediatrics noted, "in the spring and summer months, it’s time to think about protecting kids from insect bites," since bugs will be out in full force.


Fewer Items

This might seem counterproductive, but I've found that one of the best things I can do to ensure my little one's diaper bag is ready for spring is to remove a thing or two. Think about it: when was the last time you actually emptied out every pocket and pouch and took a full inventory of everything? Chances are your diaper bag could benefit from a little spring cleaning, too.

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