If Deonna And Greg On 'MAFS' Split Up I Know Love Is A Lie

Married At First Sight Season 9 is about to come to an end and on this season there is only one couple that makes me believe in any kind of love at all. So, did Deonna and Greg stay married after Married At First Sight? I really hope so because if not what is love and why am I bothering to look for it? No, I'm not being dramatic.

Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie are the perfect examples of what can happen on Married At First Sight if two kind, decent people put the same amount of effort into making their marriage work — plus have some physical chemistry. So, I hope they make the decision to stay together on decision day. In fact, I'd be shocked if they are apart. But I won't know the answer until fellow fans do when Lifetime airs the show's season finale.

I'm pretty good at digging up clues via social media, but both Deonna and Greg's Instagram accounts are set to private (for now). Because I want them together so badly, I can't help but notice the ring emoji in Deonna's Instagram bio. But that doesn't mean she's still married even if I want it to.

So let's move on to some more meaningful clues. Early in the season one of the experts who matched the couples, Pastor Cal Roberson told the New York Post of the pair, "Deonna and Greg are a match made in heaven because they both share strong core values." He continued, “They both have educational compatibility, motivational compatibility, and they have spiritual compatibility. I believe that they are going to be our next power couple.” I'm not sure what stage the experiment was in when Roberson gave this interview but remember, he had a sneak peek every step of the way. I'm just saying.

The couple has struggled, though. Deonna hadn't been in a relationship for 10 years before she met and married Greg. So her walls were strong and high — but not indestructible. On a recent episode of the show, when the couple was packing up to leave the retreat, Deonna admitted to Greg that she might "really, really, really" like him, and she's been taking steps towards becoming comfortable accepting his compliments. (To be fair, Greg was overdoing it at first in my opinion.)

Greg and Deonna have at least been on a similar page all season. They've had sex, so physical chemistry is there. Plus, Greg is trying to move past his tendency to mansplain. Their future looks bright in my opinion, especially because Lifetime gave fans the biggest glimpse into their decision day on the Married At First Sight: Unfiltered page before airing the season finale. In the video you can watch above, Greg says he's "nervous and a wreck" as he's going in to find out Deonna's decision.

Deonna is worried that Greg's anxiety will affect his decision. "Part of me just wants to make sure he doesn't overthink his decision too far ahead to where we're no longer in alignment," she says. The clip cuts off right before the couple chooses their own fate.

Like I said, I'm not worried. All of their feelings seem normal for two people who are about to decide whether to divorce or not — and who are at the same time choosing to "grow in love" as Pastor Cal would say. That said, if Married At First Sight has taught me one lesson it's that when you marry a stranger, anything can happen.

The Married At First Sight Finale airs Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.