Looks Like Jinger Duggar & Her Sweet Family Have Officially Moved To California

by Gillian Walters

Back in March, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced their plans to move to Los Angeles sometime in the summer. And if you're fans of the pair or have an inexplicable fascination with the Duggars like myself, you might be wondering whether Jinger Duggar has moved to California yet. As it turns out, Jinger answered this question Sunday via a cute snap of their 1-year-old daughter, Felicity.

Although it might be difficult to imagine Jinger in California given her Arkansas roots and staunch conservative values, her official announcement about moving to the "Golden State" was full of excitement. "This is going to be my first time living in a big city," she said in a TLC video, according to Cafe Mom. "I’m really excited!"

Jeremy shared Jinger's enthusiasm, stating, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup: “We’re very excited to move to LA. We’re definitely going to miss Laredo, Texas, and our loved ones there, but we’re definitely looking forward to the move out to LA."

The couple initially proposed a July move date, but they began their road trip from Texas to Los Angeles over the weekend. The travel time between Laredo and L.A. is roughly 22 hours, which isn't too bad if you aren't traveling with an infant. Luckily for Jinger and Vuolo, it looks like Felicity handled the trip like a champ, as evidenced by her adorable hangout with Counting On's film crew.

"Make sure you tune in to @tlc this fall to join the journey!" Jeremy said on Instagram about the family's road trip, which presumably will be covered in the show's upcoming season.

After a few pit stops, Jeremy and Jinger made it safely to California, a moment they celebrated with a precious shot of Felicity playing in petal-covered grass.

"Summer in Cali!" Jinger captioned the cute snap. Too sweet!

As some Californians might have noticed, a few commenters gave Jinger flak for using the term "Cali" in her post, a phrase that really isn't used by many west coasters (I say this as an east coast transplant who has made this "mistake" before).

"People from California don’t say Cali - just be forewarned," one person wrote to Jinger. "It really bugs them. Not sure why other parts of the nation do - easier? I guess we just grew up wrapping that name, California, around our tongue."

Of course, I'm sure Jinger will adapt to her new surroundings and lingo in no time. The reality star already proved herself when she moved to Arkansas from Laredo despite never having left home before, like going off to college or camp solo. She acclimated to life in Laredo just fine and she seems eager to try new things, like when she recently dyed her hair blonde. You never know what Jinger will pull out of her hat next, to sum it up.

Anyways, I think fans will have to wait a few days before Jinger or Jeremy post any new pics because odds are they're too preoccupied with their new lives in California at the moment. But in the meantime, supporters can enjoy this new snap of Felicity enjoying the beauty of her new home.