Jon & Rachel Had An Ugly Confrontation On '90 Day Fiance'

On the last episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, one of the strongest couples on the show had their foundation shaken: Rachel and Jon. Rachel was jarred by Jon's texts with another woman, so did Jon cheat on Rachel? His past has been questioned on the show.

In the last episode of 90 Day Fiancé, "The Thing We Do For Love," Rachel confronted Jon about having a conversation with his ex-girlfriend on social media. Now back in England — and about to get married to Jon — Rachel had some questions about Jon's faithfulness to clear up before they actually went through with the wedding. Earlier in the episode, Jon revealed to Rachel that he invited one of his exes to their pre-wedding dinner.

Given that Rachel knew about a message Jon sent to an ex-girlfriend (who turned out to be a different ex than the one he invited), this really upset her. Jon, however, didn't think that it was a big deal. He asked her, "The only time you went on my social media happened to be when I was talking to my ex?" Rachel said yes, and said that what she saw was hurtful because it seemed that Jon had some lingering feelings for her. Jon had told his ex that he felt bad about the way he treated her, and said that he loved her.

Jon was quick to explain himself. "The rest of the conversation was about marrying you," he said, "and me not being the same person I was." Rachel wasn't happy with the explanation, though, because Jon still used the word "love." Jon again defended himself, saying, "I couldn't just ignore it because the point I was trying to make was that I broke someone's heart because I wanted to go and play with other girls."

"I did say I loved her, that I was sorry because I'm not that person anymore," Jon said to the camera during a confessional. "I know how a man should love a woman and I'm ashamed of the person I was." Depending on one's definition of cheating, Jon may have cheated. If just saying that he loved another woman is technically cheating, then he has. But to me, I don't believe Jon cheated. I'm also on the fence about his usage of the word "love." Was it the best move to take? Probably not, but from his talking head Jon seemed to be both genuinely in love with Rachel and genuinely concerned with apologizing to his ex. It's implied that he did cheat in the past — like when he mentioned wanting to "go and play with other girls" — but it doesn't seem like he has since he and Rachel became an item.

Despite this confrontation, fans suspect that Rachel and Jon are already married. Starcasm found a marriage certificate for Rachel and Jon from the U.K., dated May 31 of this year. Redditor JonInCa found another marriage certificate for Rachel and Jon, this one from New Mexico (Rachel's home state), dated a week later on June 6. I would take these with a grain of salt because there no way of knowing if these are legit, but from the looks of it Rachel and Jon do in fact get married. From their joint Instagram, @followourfairytale, the two still seem very much in love.

The latest photo was from October 1 and chronicled Rachel and Jon putting together a puzzle made of photos of them and Lucy. That means it's probably love, because not only is putting together a puzzle an agonizing time that you reserve for experiencing with loved ones — but they put together a puzzle of themselves. If that doesn't scream "lucky in love," I don't know what does. Fans can see how Jon and Rachel's story ends on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days on Sunday.