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Laurel May Be The Key To Finding Wes' Killer

Despite Frank confessing to Wes' murder and Annalise currently in jail for the crime, there is little chance that either of them actually had much to do with his death. That being said, could Laurel have played some part in what happened? Did Laurel kill Wes on How to Get Away With Murder? She was the last person in the house before it blew up and she keeps claiming to have seen "someone" in the basement. Is she blocking out the murder because she actually committed it herself or is she just failing to remember seeing the actual killer in the house?

Right now, everyone's kind of a suspect because there are no clues to point to someone specifically. The Mahoney family likely wanted Wes dead, those close to Annalise could have each had their motives for killing him since he was about to presumably rat on everyone, and there is obviously a lot that viewers haven't seen of Wes and Laurel, such as the flashbacks they've shown of the two of them together. There's also not much to suggest that Laurel would want Wes dead, especially since she is carrying his baby. So honestly the only suspect that can probably be ruled out for Wes' death is Laurel. But that absolutely doesn't mean she doesn't know more than she's letting on. Plus, this is HTGAWM we're talking about here. The answer is never obvious.

Laurel seemed so sure that Annalise didn't kill Wes and she kept insisting she saw someone in the house before it caught fire and she passed out. But how is Laurel so certain that Annalise didn't play some role in Wes' death, even if it was inadvertent? I think Laurel is somehow the key to finding Wes' killer and honestly, she's the only one who is willing to talk to the cops, aside fromFrank, whose confession is pretty useless at this point.

We all know they aren't about to lock Frank up, so can they just get on with proving he didn't do it, despite his confession? Although it would be totally surprising and very much like HTGAWM to make Laurel Wes' killer for the pure shock factor, there is no motive yet to be seen, and there's no way they would play up their relationship so much in flashbacks if she would eventually be the bad guy on the show. Right?

Still, Wes' killer on HTGAWM isn't likely going to be someone viewers already suspect, because that would be way too easy. Fans should definitely be prepared to expect the unexpected, but I'm just still not convinced Laurel will factor into that equation.