Fans Aren't Sure If Matt & Amber Are Gonna Go The Distance On 'MAFS'

The weddings are over on Married at First Sight, Lifetime's hit show that pairs strangers together potentially forever. Fans have gotten an extended preview of what's to come on the season and if you're like me, the most burning question that you have after watching it is: did Matt and Amber get divorced?

It can be argued that Matt and Amber had the best initial chemistry at their wedding of the four couples who got married this season. Once the ceremony is over Amber confesses to the cameras, "I'm kissing my husband quite a bit because he's so hot. And I feel bad because like, I should not be this forward but he is so cute and like, I just can't stop." But in a preview of events to come, fans see a friend tell Amber he saw Matt with another girl. If it's true, I'm crushed for her and support whatever decision she decides to make about their future. But it is way too early to know if the couple actually chooses divorce.

Sometimes, social media helps me make an elaborate educated guess about these things, so I searched for their profiles. But, Matt's instagram account is locked, he hasn't tweeted since 2017, and Amber isn't on social media. So, instead of looking into their social presence, I decided to see what fans had to say about them on social — and wow, it's a lot.

When I saw that Matt might have cheated on Amber with another girl, I was shocked because he has such strong feelings about his own parents' divorce. Whatever strain it caused, it's so bad that Matt didn't invite his family to his wedding. “Growing up, I never would have imagined that my family, my parents especially, wouldn’t be there the day I got married because we were very close," he said on the show. "I just hope that my future wife and her family understand the situation I’m in, and also I hope that they understand that I think family is important." But he takes it even further. “I believe in marriage, and I want this to last forever.” If he did step out to be with another woman after seeming so passionate, this is baffling to me. Twitter agrees.

It definitely could be editing. Whether it happened or not, it's possible Amber and Matt work through the conflict and decide to stay together. People on Twitter are skeptical about the couple's future though.

Their chemistry at the wedding was amazing, but Amber came in so strong that Matt asked her to calm down and well... that was awkward.

Matt seemed apprehensive about Amber's affection at first, but grows more comfortable by the end of the night. He told Reality TV With Bee, "I don’t mind physical affection, but I don’t like to do it in public. Also, we had just met. It was a bit much for me at first, but she had just met me and didn’t know I’m not into PDA." That's a very fair take on a possibly uncomfortable situation.

Some are perhaps not so surprised that there is trouble ahead for the couple, because they don't see Matt's appeal in the first place.

Whatever happened, I'm invested in their journey mostly for Amber right now, but I hope there's actually no reason to be mad at Matt.