Paul & Karine Are Having Big Problems On '90 Day Fiance'

There's trouble in paradise (Brazil) for Paul and Karine — but is that actually anything new? On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the couple had yet another fight. Will this end well for them? Did Paul and Karine get divorced? While they are the first of the season to get married, perhaps they are one of the first to break-up as well.

On the last episode of Before the 90 Days, "Expecting the Unexpected," Karine literally asked to get a divorce. This is due to a continuation of a conflict from a previous episode where Paul called Karine's brother a thief. Since then, both Karine and her family have been angry with Paul. When Paul asked Karine (well, firstly asking his phone to translate the message to Karine) if she just wants to "give up and get divorced," she said yes.

Karine's mindset didn't change much this episode, either. Initially, Paul was feeling alone and overwhelmed because of how Karine and her family have been treating him, so he Skyped with his mother just to see a familiar face. For fans who don't remember, Paul's mother has been featured a couple times before on 90 Day Fiancé. The first time was when Paul was leaving to meet Karine for the first time in Brazil. Paul's mom gave him some of her hair to remember him by.

Fast forward to this season, Paul is now in Brazil and has to Skype his mom in order to see her (whether he still has her lock of hair is unknown). The first on-camera Skype session of Season 2 occurred before he and Karine got married, when Paul believed Karine could be pregnant. Paul's mom brought up not only his trust issues with her, but the fact that they don't even speak the same language (which is one issue I'm surprised they don't talk about more often). Paul's mom believed at the time that they were rushing the marriage, and didn't want them to be discussing children yet.

After the wedding and Paul's riff with Karine and her family, his mother Skyped in again. Paul explained that Karine's mother now also believes they rushed things and that the marriage was a mistake, and that the couple should get divorced. "I think you and Karine need to talk yourselves and really think about what you're doing and the future," Paul's mom advised. She said that if he and Karine can't work it out, he needs to come home to Louisville. Paul said that, when it comes to Karine, his heart is telling him one thing while his brain was telling him another; his heart wants to stay but his brain wants to go.

When Paul asked his mother straight-up if they should get divorced and she said, "You know how I feel." I think both Paul and the fans know how she feels: she doesn't like this situation. She reiterated what she said before the wedding: they rushed into this and they need to learn more about each other. She continued that Paul thought with his heart instead of his brain, and now he needs to reconcile what to do.

Judging by Paul's latest Instagram photos, he and Karine still seem to be together. On Paul's Facebook account, interestingly, he stated that he started a new job in Louisville. So there are a couple possibilities here: he and Karine are still together and living in Louisville, or he is in Louisville alone. Potentially, the two could be in different countries but still together — but with how intense their relationship has been, and how they are often photographed together, I doubt it. Fans will have to find out for sure by watching the rest of this season of 90 Day Fiancé.