Paul’s Mother Doesn't Seem Thrilled With Her Son's Marriage On '90 Day Fiance'

by Anna Rose Iovine

On Before the 90 Days, families of the cast — on both the American and abroad side — are skeptical of the show and their children's love. Seeing as her son is now married to Brazilian Karine (with whom he still cannot communicate without a translation app), what does Paul's mother think of 90 Day Fiancé? She's expressed her doubts about Paul's marriage.

Paul's mother, who's been featured on the show before, hasn't given an official statement over how she feels over the relationship. In fact, after they got married Paul didn't even mention his family. Karine's, however, was in attendance and not looking super thrilled about it. The last time fans saw Paul's mother was when the two were FaceTiming about how Karine wanted to be a mother. To say Paul's mother didn't support the idea is an understatement. She said that not only does she believe Paul and Karine aren't ready to be parents, they aren't ready to marry each other. She brought up the very valid point that they can't even speak to each other. Since Paul doesn't speak Portuguese and Karine doesn't speak English, they have to primarily talk to each other through a translation app. Paul's mother knows this, and feels that they're jumping into marriage.

Judging by that reaction alone, I can't imagine that Paul's mother is that enthusiastic about the show. That wasn't the first time she agreed to appear, though. When Paul first went to Brazil in Season 1, his mom was shown seeing him off. Before going, though, Paul's mom gave him a piece of her hair to remember him by. Apparently this is a family tradition, because Paul now has pieces of hair from his mother, his deceased dog, and Karine.

In her latest appearance, Paul's mom also brought up that Paul suspected Karine cheated on him. She hadn't, but that didn't stop her from bringing up Paul's trust issues with her. Being his mother, she sided with Paul. While she has agreed to appear on-camera and seems supportive of Paul, she still seems to have some serious reservations about his relationship.

Though Paul and Karine were married, I found it interesting that Paul didn't even mention his family while it was taking place. The two got married in Brazil so of course Karine's family was there, but it seems no one from Paul's family was in attendance. Perhaps he didn't invite them, or the wedding was put together so quickly that they didn't have time to fly down to Brazil.

The last couple episodes were about how Paul is clashing with Karine's family but will Karine get along with his? He may just be focused on what's going on in Brazil, but I wonder if anything else is going on there. Even if Paul's mom doesn't agree with his choices, she seems like a very doting mom (to the point where she gives her hair to her son when he leaves her). Paul is in his hometown of Louisville according to Facebook, so I'm sure they reconnected now. Whether Paul's mom will ever need to make such a connection with Karine, though, is yet to be seen.