Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO

'Big Little Lies' Delivered A Shocking Revelation

Warning: spoilers from the finale ahead! After a truly brilliant season, the Big Little Lies finale debuted on Sunday night and totally lived up to the hype. Not only was it revealed that Perry was the person killed on Trivia Night (after Bonnie pushed him down the school steps), but he was also Jane's rapist. That was a lot to process over the course of just a few seconds. But did Perry recognize Jane on Big Little Lies when they finally came face-to-face on the show? Judging from his reaction, I'd say he definitely remembered her from their night together.

But let's back up for a minute here. It all started when Perry found out that Celeste was leaving him for good. He desperate to get her to change her mind at Trivia Night and followed her down to the steps where she was meeting up with Madeline and Jane. He asked Celeste go with him to talk. She refused, and in that moment, Jane got a good look at his face and immediately knew he was the man that's been haunting her nightmares. He's the one who raped her. He is Ziggy's dad.

However, Jane didn't say any of this out loud. She didn't need to. All she did was instinctively grab Madeline's arm really tight and stare directly into his face. Madeline knew what that look of terror meant and so did Celeste. That's when Perry finally focused in on Jane.

Once again, no words were really spoken during most of this exchange, but the facial expressions said it all. In fact, once Perry seemed to realize who Jane was, that's what caused him to go after Celeste and attack all of them. He knew he wouldn't be able to talk his way out of what he did to Jane, which undoubtedly sent his anger into overdrive. But in an amazing twist, the women all joined together in trying to bring him down. When he went after one of them, the others would go on the offensive and try to stop him. It was a truly empowering thing to witness.

In the end, Bonnie came in out of nowhere and ended up pushing him off the stairs, leading him to fall to his death. The detectives suspected that this was more than just an accident, but without any concrete evidence to back it up (the women all stuck to the story that Perry tripped), they had no choice but to let them all go.

Granted, it seems as though one detective is still keeping tabs on the women based on the fact that someone was watching them at the end of the hour, but as these ladies more than proved throughout the finale: together they are a force to be reckoned with and will be keeping this big little lie to themselves for the rest of their lives.