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Did Teddy & Owen Ever Date On 'Grey's Anatomy'? They Have A Very Long History


The last time fans saw Teddy Altman on Grey's Anatomy prior to her Season 14 return, she got insurance-married to a patient named Henry, played by Scott Foley. Although it was purported to be a marriage of convenience, the two eventually fell in love with each other and had a proper relationship, only for Henry to die while Teddy was in surgery. She and Owen also shared a tumultuous phase of will-they-or-won't-they, but their complex past might leave fans wondering: did Teddy and Owen ever date on Grey's Anatomy?

There were definitely big feelings that were mutually shared between Dr. Hunt and Dr. Altman, but they never technically officially dated. Or even ever really hooked up at all. Teddy and Owen were old army friends, and she actually saved his life by going back for him when his whole unit died in an ambush. Fast forward to Owen working at Grey-Sloane Memorial with a cardio girlfriend (Cristina Yang) waiting for her next cardio god teacher. He coaxed Teddy into coming to work at the hospital because of its impressive status, which she did. But, because this is Shondaland, where women are brilliant, Teddy quickly figured out that Owen essentially brought her in as a gift to his girlfriend. (Busted.)

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She chose to stay and Owen eventually apologized, but she took the opportunity to confess that she sort of always believed he'd call her to get together whenever he and his then-fiancée Beth broke up. But she saw that he was happy with Cristina and had moved on from her fantasy. Of course, Owen had feelings for Teddy the whole time and never said anything because he thought she didn't want anything. (Ugh.) He eventually yelled at her for complicating his life with her confession, which, whoa, dude. It's not her fault you were never honest with yourself. In the heat of this fight, they almost kissed, but he loyally choose Cristina and walked away from Teddy.

Unfortunately, tension between them dragged on for seasons. Owen never got over his resentment that Teddy only confessed her feelings once she was ready to move on, and Teddy didn't understand why Owen was mad when he never said anything about his feelings either. They both desperately missed their best friendship, but couldn't bear to be close again. Add to the mix Cristina, who was willing to break up with Owen at one point just to keep Teddy as a mentor and the whole thing was impossibly messy. Eventually, traumatized after the hospital shooting, Cristina realized that she didn't want to be a surgeon anymore. Without a protégé, Teddy finally made peace with moving on — except, not really.

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She saw that Owen was devastated by Cristina's move and couldn't bring herself to leave him all alone. Teddy decided to stay in Seattle instead of taking a job in Germany, and Owen realized she was only staying for his sad self. He ultimately fired her just to relieve Teddy of her obligations to him and she finally left town.

Now that she's back, though, it looks like she and Owen may actually be on the way to rekindling their best friendship. Sure, they finally shared a kiss, but only because Amelia told him to go be with whoever. Owen and Amelia have a relationship to figure out, obviously, since her personality was basically hijacked because of the location of her brain tumor. But Teddy dutifully tells him to go work it out. Owen and Teddy are each other's "person" the same way Meredith and Alex are. Nothing is certain in the Grey's Anatomy universe (except that Derek is definitely dead), but it really seems like the Owen and Teddy ship has sailed.

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