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Disney Pixar Ice Cream Is Here, With Flavors For All Your Favorite Flicks

In probably the yummiest collaboration ever, Dreyer's ice cream has teamed up with Disney Pixar to create a line of limited-edition ice cream flavors celebrating four of the film company's most popular animated movies: The Incredibles, Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. The Disney Pixar-themed ice cream flavors are expected to be a massive hit with kids and adults alike (especially on movie night).

As for what the actual flavors are, well, get ready for this deliciousness, movie lovers: Dreyer's will be soon be serving up The Incredibles Jack-Jack Cookie Crumble; Toy Story's Chocolate Peanut Butter Toy Chest; Finding Nemo's Coral Reef Orange and Cream; and rounding out a medley of flavors, Monsters, Inc.'s Cookies and Scream, according to PopSugar. While the Coral Reef Orange and Cream is made with orange sherbet (my personal favorite), the other flavors all combine a mixture of vanilla or chocolate ice cream with a variety of mixed-in flavors (chocolate cookie swirl, I'm looking at you). Let your kids discover one added bonus: each vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream includes chocolate pieces shaped like the main characters from each film. Who knew Mike and Sulley and the masks worn by the Incredibles family could be so tasty?

Honestly, the only thing more fun than seeing your children's excitement when they discover these flavors at the grocery store would be settling down for movie night with one of these animated classics and a bowl of ice cream that goes with the film. It's these little moments with your family that mean so much, am I right? As Buzz Lightyear would say, "To infinity, and beyond!" Or maybe just to your local freezer section when you hear Dreyer's has released their new ice cream?

Just look at the aforementioned chocolate masks (and the aforementioned chocolate cookie swirl) in this ice cream inspired by The Incredibles:

And how cute are these little Mike and Sully chocolates? Yum...

These ice cream flavors have been spotted on store freezer shelves already, reported Delish, so you just might be greeted with a pleasant surprise the next time you hit the frozen aisle at your local grocery store.