These 22 'Toy Story' Gifts Will Make Your Kid Reach For The Stars

Because there are 24 years between the releases of the first Toy Story movie (which was the first Pixar movie ever made) and the fourth, there are Woody and Buzz enthusiasts of all ages. Lucky fans, especially those who are just beginning to dip their toes in the Toy Story pond thanks to the release of the latest movie earlier this year, will love unwrapping Toy Story gifts this holiday season. And since there are fresh characters introduced with each film, there are new toys for even the most seasoned fans to collect, whether they're 13 or 30.

Toy Story is a movie about, well, toys, so it makes sense that there are a ton of fun options inspired by the film to choose from IRL. In addition to the classic figurines and plush dolls, there are Toy Story-inspired games like UNO, costumes, puzzles, LEGOs, and more. It doesn’t matter if your little one is team Woody, Jessie or even Slinky Dog (who’s under-appreciated in my opinion). There’s a perfect Toy Story gift at the right price point for every little on your list who just so happens to have a snake in their boot or, more realistically, in their Buzz Lightyear Croc.


A Pajama Set

Even the kid who has everything can never have too many pajamas. These Woody PJs will make getting ready for bed way more fun. They'll probably want to wear this shirt out into the world, too, to which I say, go for it.


Mr. Potato Head

If the name "Spud Lightyear" makes me laugh, it's sure to bring a smile to your kiddo's face, too. It comes with ten pieces to style your Potato Head any way you'd like. Plus the parts are large and easy for little hands to hold.


A "VHS" Journal

Nothing makes me feel quite as old as seeing that VHS cases are now a novelty item. The cover opens to reveal an image of the original Toy Story tape. This nostalgic gift is actually a journal filled with lined paper for your little one to draw or write on.


3 Space Aliens

In the movie, these little alien toys are prizes in a claw game at a pizza shop, and they all hope "The Claw" will carry them to a better place. Apparently the chosen place is now your home, and any Toy Story fan will be psyched to own this trio.


Buzz Lightyear Playset

This playset is actually much bigger than it appears in the picture, which definitely helps to justify its price tag. It has lights and sounds, tons of accessories including a squad vehicle, and a glow-in-the-dark Buzz Lightyear figure. Best of all, the spaceship can be broken into a smaller detachable "rocket pod."


Bo Peep & Sheep

Fans of Bo won't be able to get enough of this collector's item which is available exclusively at Target. It comes with two sheep (Goat and Gruff) and a removable shepherd staff and bonnet. Keep in mind this one has little pieces and is best for kids 3 and up.


Toy Story Uno

This classic (and really fun) game gets a fun upgrade with Toy Story 4 cards. The deck has a special-edition Duke Caboom wild card, and it can help kids learn their colors and numbers.


Toy Story LEGO Set

There are tons of Toy Story LEGO sets in a wide range of prices to choose from, but this set comes with four characters: Jessie, one alien, Forky, and Rex. It includes 178 (small) pieces, so it's designed for kids 4 and up.


A PJ Costume

This set includes complete looks for both Woody and Buzz Lightyear. While technically billed as pajamas, these cozy clothes can easily transition into costumes or be worn out of the house. Your kiddo can become Woody Lightyear too, with Woody's shirt and Buzz's pants, because funky pajamas are always a hit.


A Holiday Ornament

Getting a new ornament as a gift each year is a fun family tradition, and this flying Woody is sure to be a hit. It comes in a keepsake box for easy storage, that is, if your kiddo is willing to put it away come January, which... probably not.


Forky Figure

Forky (who, by my calculations, is actually a spork) is a new addition to the Toy Story family, but this sassy piece of cutlery-meets-craft captured the hearts of fans right away. This toy says 12 of Forky's most quotable phrases, plus it wiggles and moves its feet.


Charm Bracelet Set

Sometimes a kid just has enough toys. Instead of buying more stuff you'll need to cram in a storage basket, you could opt for beautiful and well-made character jewelry. This charm bracelet from designer Alex and Ani features enamel Woody and Bo Peep charms on an expandable band that can grow with your kid. The smaller silver charms read ''Infused With Positive Energy'' ''Made in America With Love,'' and''Recycle."


Buzz Lightyear Jet-Pack

The kiddo that's not satisfied by playing with Buzz can now be Buzz, thanks to this jetpack. It straps over the shoulders and can be tightened to size, kind of like backpack straps. A button on the side automatically closes the visor for a very futuristic effect, plus the helmet lights up and the control panel has tons of action sound effects.


Jigsaw Puzzle

This 60-piece puzzle is challenging enough to be engaging without being impossible, (though there are "impossible" Toy Story puzzles, if that's more your speed). It's fun to see so much of the gang come together piece-by-piece.


Gabby Gabby Doll

Gabby Gabby may be a new addition to the Toy Story family, but she's meant to look like an old doll who's been stuck in an antique store for years. She has some villainous tendencies, but really she's just a misunderstood toy who wants to regain her voice, which your kiddo can help her to do.


Buzz Lightyear Operation Game

The classic game of Operation gets an upgrade with this Buzz Lightyear version. Instead of regular old body parts, Buzz is filled with Space Ranger superhero parts, like "Galactic Acid" and "Fried Fuse" that you and your little one will have a blast trying to remove without setting off the buzzer.


Creativity Set

Kids can make all kinds of creations, including their very own Forky, with this creativity set. It includes pipe cleaners, foam, a sheriff's badge, googly eyes, and of course, a spork, which help bring to life some of Toy Story's most memorable characters.


Buzz & Woody Crocs

Toddlers aren't necessarily renowned for their willingness to put their shoes on, but these slip-on Crocs featuring Woody and Buzz will make getting ready easy (or at least, easier). The heel strap can switch between a clog and slide style. They'll be psyched to stomp around in their Woody and Buzz kicks.


Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog aka Slink is Woody's BFF and now the pup can be your child's buddy, too. He comes with an attached red and white leash, and even wags his little springy tail (when it's gently pushed) which is just about the cutest thing ever.


Friendship Bows

Your kiddo can keep the two bows inspired by Buzz and Woody or gift one to a dear friend. Written on the bows is "You've Got a Friend in Me" which is also a song by Randy Newman that plays in all four Toy Story movies. It makes me cry happy tears every time.


A Personalized Lunch Box

This durable, customizable lunch box keeps food cold and is deep enough to accomodate bigger Tupperware. It also has a mesh water bottle holder to keep everything in one place. Maybe if they love the lunch box enough, they won't keep leaving it at school...


A Camping Set

All adventure-lovers need the right gear, and this Toy Story camp kit comes with everything your smallest explorer will need (well, assuming they're just camping in the backyard). The set includes a flashlight, an easy-to-assemble tent, a breathable sleeping bag, and a drawstring backpack. I'm sensing some runaways in the near future.