Disney Plus Has A 'Chip'N'Dale' Reboot & Moms, Gird Your Loins

I don't know about you but man, did I ever love Chip and Dale when I was a kid. First of all it was a real challenge to understand what those two mischievous little chipmunks were saying most of the time, which made me feel a bit superior. Like I was learning another language or something. Their sweet/salty personalities were always a bit of a surprise, too, and who doesn't love surprises? Well, if you love surprises get ready for this: Disney Plus has a Chip'N'Dale reboot coming out because the classics are obviously the best. Just don't forget to arm yourselves with a chipmunk translator.

The original characters of Chip and Dale were two anthropomorphic chipmunks who got a real charge out of hassling Mickey Mouse and his pet dog, Pluto. They were first seen on Disney screens back in 1943, if you can believe it, and their names were an intentional pun from the 19th century high end furniture company Chippendale. While the two chipmunks were initially featured in animation shorts, they did go on to have two series named after them, Chip'N'Dale: Rescue Rangers and Chip'N'Dale: Nutty Tales. Now it seems they are getting another reboot and honestly? It looks pretty delicious.

While not a lot of information has been shared about the Chip'N'Dale reboot as of yet, here's what we can glean from the official announcement made by Disney at the Annecy International Animation Festival in Annecy, France on Tuesday. The new show will be featured on Disney Plus and, as of now, it looks as though there will be 39 seven-minute episodes. Which is great because I have found in my extensive research of watching television with children that little ones tend to tap out after seven minutes.

One tiny bit of bad news, however. For those of you who were fans of the Chip'N'Dale: Rescue Rangers fashion of Hawaiian shirt and fedoras, it looks as though the chipmunks are going au naturel in the reboot. Not that I'm shaming them or anything, I just really enjoyed chipmunks wearing Hawaiian shirts. Especially these particular chipmunks.

No release date has been announced, but Disney Plus, the new video on demand service from Disney, will be launching in the United States on Nov. 12. So we can hope that Chip'N'Dale will be one of the services flagship shows and will potentially launch around the same time.

There are some other great series being launched on Disney Plus, of course. A re-imagining of the world of Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. called Monsters At Work, for one, with John Goodman and Billy Crystal coming back as our favorite Monsters to ever grace the Laugh Floor.

These days Disney seems to be all about the reboot, but you know what? I'm here for it. Because I always loved Chip'N'Dale and their timeless, classic, almost unintelligible humor. So why not embrace a whole lot more of the same. When you know what you like, you know what you like. You know?