These Super Cozy Blankies Look Just Like Disney Princess Dresses

All you need is a bowl of popcorn and a pillow fort to have the perfect movie night with your kids, but if you want to go the extra mile, a blanket from the Blankie Tails Disney collection is basically like the way cooler kid's version of a Snuggie: It'll keep them cozy and make them look like their favorite Disney princess all at the same time.

Blankie Tails has been around for a while, and the brand offers all kinds of kid-centric designs like Hot Wheels, My Little Pony, and even baby mermaids. They're made from super-soft double-sided fleece and are machine washable (because, well... kids). Each Blankie Tail design is a little different; the mermaid tails provide blanket coverage from the waist down, while others reach all the way up to the chin for maximum coziness.

The Disney collection features full-body blankets in the style of characters like Cinderella, Olaf, and Elsa. Aside from Olaf, the Disney Princess Blankie Tails actually fit like dresses: They have little arm holes at the sleeves and a button on the back. Unlike dresses, however, they're sewn shut along the bottom like a sleeping bag (so they shouldn't be worn as a dress, since that would make walking a bit hazardous). Other than that, they're the perfect present for a little Disney fan. Check out a few favorites below.

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The Princess Anna Blankie Tails blanket comes in a Frozen 2 design that features the outfit she wore in her enchanted forest adventure. Since it's not a dress, this one includes two little holes for feet. It fits kiddos as young as 3 years old and up to 5 feet tall.

Blankie Tails' Belle dress is the coziest gown ever. It fits kids up to 5 feet tall (3 years old and up), is made from double-sided fleece, and even has sparkles that don't itch!

Your little one can journey "into the unknown" (or, into sleep) in their Frozen 2 Elsa Blankie Tails. Like Anna, this blanket has two little feet holes, buttons on the back, and fits like an actual dress. It's machine washable, sparkly, and super soft.

These Blankie Tails are adorable, fun, and a great way to get your kid to sit in one place for longer than 10 minutes. It's not a matter of whether or not to buy one of these, but a question of which one to get.