Dress Your Family As The 'Incredibles' On Halloween With This Totally Doable DIY

I absolutely love all of The Incredibles family costumes I've seen each year since the movie came out in 2004. Not only is it a truly fantastic movie (seriously, an instant classic), but it lends itself to the perfect group costume. A quick Google search will show you that there are dozens and dozens of Incredibles costumes available to buy online, but where's the fun in that? Crafting homemade Halloween costumes as a family can be a party in itself. Here's how to make easy Incredibles costumes for the whole family so good even Edna Mode would be proud.

My favorite DIY costumes are when they're distinctly homemade, so don't try to talk yourself out of this craft if you aren't the most artistically gifted. Not only are these truly pretty simple, but any little "mistakes" or improvisations will add character to the finished products. Though it may be easier to just make the costumes yourself (read: a lot easier), get the little ones involved so they can have a sense of pride in the costumes they created themselves. Make a day of it! Gather your supplies beforehand (hint: Amazon Prime is your best friend), put on The Incredibles, and get crafting.

Step 1: Recreate The Red And Black Bodysuits.


Materials: Red leggings, red long sleeve t-shirts, black underwear or shorts

The most important part of the entire costume is the sleek bodysuit each character wears. For each member of the family, you'll need a red, long sleeve t-shirt, a pair of red leggings, and a pair of black underwear or shorts. You can likely find red long sleeve shirts and black underwear/shorts at your local Walmart or Target, or order everything in one fell swoop on Amazon. For the shirt and bottoms, I'd choose something basic that everyone can wear again — you might as well get your money's worth!

CAOMP Girls 100% Cotton Leggings, $9-$15, Amazon

Cat & Jack Boys' Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $5, Target

Stretch Is Comfort Girl's Yoga Shorts, $10, Walmart

Step 2: Design The Iconic Incredibles Logo


Materials: Black felt, yellow felt, orange felt, white felt, hot glue gun or fabric glue, safety pins

To create the logo that will be emblazoned on your chests, you'll need felt in black, yellow, orange and white, a hot glue gun or fabric glue, and safety pins. You can find all of these things at your local craft store. (Keep in mind that you'll need to purchase enough orange felt to create belts for the whole family, and enough black felt to create the masks.)

Draw the logo onto a sheet of plain paper, or print out a template to make things even easier. I found this simple template on Cut out each part of the logo from your paper, and then use those shapes as stencils as you cut your felt. One large black oval will create the logo's background, two orange parenthesis shapes will create the logo's border, and the "i" is created with two pieces of yellow and a small white circle. Glue everything into place on the black oval using your hot glue gun or fabric glue.

Once your logo has dried, attach it to your red shirt with safety pins. I'd advise using safety pins rather than glue, simply so you can repurpose the red shirts after Halloween.

Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, $11-$16, Michaels

Bead Landing Silver Safety Pins, $3, Michaels

Creatology Felt Sheet Pack, $9, Michaels

Step 3: Create Your Belts And Masks

Materials: Orange felt, safety pins, black felt, thin elastic strips, hot glue gun or fabric glue

Don't worry, the belts are much easier than the logos. Cut out a strip of your orange felt and fit it around your waist. Once you've determined how long you need it, cut it. Use safety pins to secure the belt, so you're able to take it on and off as needed.

For each mask, you'll need black felt and a strip of elastic (Non-Roll Woven Elastic, 1 Yard, $6, Amazon). Cut out a strip of black felt and hold it against your face. Mark where your eyes are, and cut out two eye holes. Use your scissors to round out the bottom edges underneath the eye holes (check out a picture from the movie for mask shape reference), and then cut your mask where it hits your ears. Using your hot glue gun or fabric glue, attach a piece of elastic to the back of the mask so it holds it firmly in place against your face.

Step 4: Finish With The Boots

Materials: Black knee socks or black boots

The costume isn't complete without those tall, black boots. You're in luck if you already own black boots, but don't worry if you don't. You can recreate the look cheaply by pairing tall, black knee socks with any dark-colored shoes.

3street Solid Knee High Socks (Two Pack), $11, Amazon