Using crystals to help with pregnancy nausea can be a holistic approach to healing.
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If You're Hoping Crystals Will Fix Your Pregnancy Nausea, Here's What You Should Know

When you're in the throes of the kind of debilitating side effects that can happen when you're growing a tiny human in your womb, you'll try pretty much anything to get rid of them — including using healing crystals to help with pregnancy nausea. That's right, crystals. Why not?

Celebrity moms like Shay Mitchell, Kim Kardashian West, and Jenna Dewan swear by the healing benefits of crystals, as People reported, so it's no surprise that non-celebrity moms are also into trying this holistic approach to healing certain ailments like pregnancy nausea. But whether or not they actually work seems to depend on the individual. Using healing crystals can be a deeply personal experience, according to experts in the field. "Using crystals can be a safe, gentle energy healing modality to assist, heal, and shift energy during pregnancy," Angie Yingst of The Moon and Stone Healing Academy tells Romper.

You should definitely check with your doctor before engaging in any healing modality during pregnancy, but for moms interested in seeing if crystals can help with pregnancy nausea, Yingst recommends heading to a crystal shop to see what you are personally most drawn to. "Crystals work by entraining with your vibrational energy, so just having them close to you will give you a wonderful benefit," Yingst adds. "Less is always more in pregnancy, so maybe pick one stone at a time and see how you work with them."

As for which crystals might help moms with pregnancy nausea, Nancy O'Malley, founder of InJewels, says that this answer will vary greatly depending on who you ask. "Ask 10 people and you'll receive 10 different recommendations here," O'Malley tells Romper. "Since hormones carry the responsibility for pregnancy-related nausea, I prefer crystals that address the sacral chakra for this, since this chakra is closest to the adrenal glands."

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While O'Malley prefers Carnelian or Orange Calcite for healing properties such as raising energy levels and balancing hormones among other benefits, some women might be drawn to crystals with different properties. Lori Bregman, a doula, life coach, and healer well-versed in crystals, says that Yellow Jasper "helps strengthen the immune system and relieves nausea and indigestion," which can help immensely when dealing with pregnancy nausea.

"Golden Apatite is my go-to for pregnancy nausea. I also suggest working with Moonstone, Chrysocolla, and Unakite for nausea, morning sickness, and dizziness," Yingst tells Romper. "You can use one of these or a combination of them. Ruby is also a wonderful ally during pregnancy. I rubbed Ruby in Kyanite on my belly during my labor with my fourth child, and it was so calming and soothing."

How you use the crystals is also a matter of personal preference. "I like wearing them or laying them directly on your tummy," Bregman says. "Think of the way you want to feel during your pregnancy and as a mother and look up the stone that supports it. Hold it in your hands and speak your intentions. You can then wear it as a necklace or keep it by your bedside."

O'Malley explains that the best way to target a specific area or issue is to "carry or wear the crystal closest to the area of the body most related to it." She also adds, "Some people will infuse drinking water with their crystals," but to be on the safe side, she does not recommend ingesting anything during pregnancy without your doctor's approval first.

"I like to create gem waters with stones," Yingst tells Romper. "To create gem water, you just plop a stone in the water. You can leave it in there, or take it out. The water holds the vibrational signature of the crystal. That is it! You can also put crystals, as long as they are not toxic, into baths. You can use gem water to brew tea as well, or in cooking." However, Yingst does recommend making sure that the particular stone you are using is not toxic by checking a toxicity guide before putting your crystals into water, as some can be.

Even simply holding the crystal during meditation can be a soothing way to relax when experiencing pregnancy nausea, experts tell Romper. "My best advice would be to be open minded and let go of any skepticism," O'Malley tells Romper. "If you find yourself drawn to a specific crystal or two, choose those crystals to use as you start off. Often times the crystals we are drawn to are the ones our bodies most need."

Because science does not back up the claim that crystals work to provide relief for pregnancy nausea, they aren't generally listed by medical professionals as a treatment for nausea. On their website, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published a list of lifestyle changes like taking a multivitamin, avoiding smells that trigger nausea, eating a bland diet, and consuming ginger that are potential remedies for pregnancy nausea.

But whether or not you believe crystals truly work to relieve ailments like pregnancy nausea or not, they seem like a safe enough method to try (with the approval of your doctor, of course). It could just be a placebo affect, but you never know what might help you stop that pesky non-stop nausea.


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