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D'Andra & Kameron Aren't As Close As They Used To Be On 'RHOD'

by Chrissy Bobic

Coming in as new cast-members on a Real Housewives show can be intimidating. Kameron Westcott and D'Andra Simmons discovered this when they joined The Real Housewives of Dallas in Season 2. But now that they've gotten acclimated and stirred up some drama of their own, do Kameron and D’Andra get along after RHOD? Sometimes I think being on a reality show has to be the ultimate test of any friendship.

The drama between these women began when D’Andra struck up a friendship with costar Brandi Redmond and the women started going out more. LeeAnne Locken apparently worried that Brandi's influence on D'Andra was leading to an over-dependence on alcohol, which she then began discussing with just about everyone — including D'Andra's mother. Um.

After Kameron heard about it from LeeAnne, she confronted D’Andra. But D’Andra wasn't thrilled to have the accusations thrown at her and thus a new Real Housewives feud was born. For what it's worth, LeeAnne and Kameron both say that they confronted D'Andra out of genuine concern, but D'Andra felt they were way out of line. Oh, yikes. This whole situation is unbearable messy — which is I guess kind of what Real Housewives do best. Bring on the drama.

But as viewers have seen so far this season on RHOD, there’s been no shortage of drama between the women. Some of it included D’Andra dropping some truth bombs about her financial status while out partying with Brandi. But if you were worried that Kameron and D'Andra have morphed into mortal enemies, it looks like Kameron has stuck by D’Andra, even if they might not be as close as they once were.

"I love Brandi but she definitely is a bit wilder than the groups of women D'Andra and I have been involved with and I wondered if she was influencing D'Andra to potentially drink more and influenced her to partake in wilder activities than the D'Andra I used to know," Kameron recently told BravoTV.com. "But I told D’Andra regardless that I will always be there for her no matter what and I will always be a supportive friend."

So at the very least, Kameron seems to be determined to make their friendship work.

LeeAnne wrote in a recent Bravo blog that she never meant to stir up trouble between D’Andra and the other women by her comments. "My conversation with D’Andra about drinking came from a place of concern," she wrote. "I was well aware of her father’s suicide and have spent many an hour wiping her tears when she talked about it. At that point, I did NOT see Brandi and D’Andra do something together that did not involve drinking, and that concerned me!"

Whether it was her intention or not, LeeAnne's accusations created a rift between Kameron and D’Andra. And on Instagram, Kameron seems awfully chummy with LeeAnne right now, as opposed to D’Andra. That’s not to say that Kameron doesn't get along with them both, but it looks like she’s a lot closer to LeeAnne outside of the show.

Prior to joining Season 2 of RHOD, D’Andra was already friends with LeeAnne and Kameron was a part of the prominent Dallas society the women are in — but it's just now that they're all getting more comfortable with each other. And that means the claws are starting to come out and friendships are changing.

So while Kameron and D’Andra may have been close when they came on the show at the start of Season 2, the drama that has unfolded since then could have caused them grow apart. They seem like they do still get along, but they just might not be as close as they once were.