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Do JoJo & Jordan Want Kids? JoJo Is Definitely On Board

JoJo's biggest obstacle in choosing between Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers on the season finale of The Bachelorette has been trusting their, at times, questionable commitment levels. Jordan seems hesitant about marriage, which he's revealed to both JoJo in multiple conversations and her parents by not asking for their blessing to propose. Robby seems super committed and deeply wants to propose, but is so fresh off a breakup that JoJo worries he could be rebounding. With marriage being such a dicey topic to begin with, do JoJo and Jordan want kids?

JoJo is definitely on board. She told People back in March when she was first chosen to be the Bachelorette, "I'm so excited. I'm ready to fall back in love and be crazy and have somebody love me as much as I love them. And I want to start a family."

Robby (duh) brought up kids first and crafted a fantasy for JoJo on their final date in which, someday in the future, they're living together and accidentally burn dinner, so they wind up ordering pizza. And little kids featured prominently in this fantasy. It's clear that he's super enthusiastic about having a family very soon. Jordan, on the other hand, has only ever talked about having a family in the abstract and can barely wrap his head around marriage. So it's obvious who is more excited about jumping on the baby train. But JoJo wound up engaged to Jordan!

Jordan hasn't said much about having children, and considering the personal drama that is the Rodgers family feud, having a family of his own doesn't seem to be at the forefront of his mind right now. He committed to growing the couple's love on the "After the Rose" special, especially in the face of tabloid rumors that Jordan was only on the show for fame. And the fact that Jordan got a sportscasting job after his time on The Bachelorette didn't help to stem the accusations. So it seems like Jordan and JoJo have quite a few barriers to overcome before talking about kids can enter the mix. However, Jordan made the first big step of commitment and revealed on "After the Rose" that he and JoJo have purchased a house in Dallas and will be moving in together. So for fans who were convinced that a breakup was imminent, JoJo and Jordan seem to be holding strong for now.