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Kai & Winter Could Be Tied To Other Characters In 'AHS: Cult'

The first scene of this season of American Horror Story set the tone to how bizarre — and terrifying — AHS: Cult was going to be. Not only did viewers have to relive the 2016 election, but they were introduced to Kai and Winter Anderson. They are siblings (though it's still uncertain if they're biological siblings) who appear to live in a huge house together. That makes me wonder: who else lives in their home? Are Kai and Winter alone? Do Kai and Winter have other siblings on AHS: Cult? The Anderson family remains a big mystery so far.

From the scenes they have together, Kai and Winter seem like odd siblings to begin with. They often communicate via their strange pinky game; the meaning of the game is still up for debate among fans. It seems that at the very least, whoever locks pinkies with Kai needs to tell him the truth. This is just one example where it gets a little weird between them: in the premiere, "Election Night," Kai asks Winter about pleasure and pain — and she mentions anal sex. This doesn't seem to be the most "sibling like" of conversations, but it's also not Game of Thrones-level creepy. Regardless, I'm not entirely convinced Kai and Winter are blood-related; they may be siblings in name only, meant as a way to bond them in the cult and give a sense of unity.

Despite this theory of my own, it's assumed that Kai and Winter share a name because they're siblings, not married (which would add a whole other element of weirdness into the mix). Who else is a part of this family though? Reddit user sibshallward theorized that Kai and Winter's mother could be behind the locked door seen in the premiere. After Kai adorned himself in Cheeto dust, he passed by a door with a rose on it; he bent down to smell it, then moved on to see Winter. Seeing as this is AHS, there is meaning behind everything. Someone has to be behind that door, and since this is Kai and Winter's home, it makes sense it could be their mother.

A common theory this season is that Kai is Oz's biological father, but another suggests that Oz is actually Kai and Winter's sibling. Reddit user BornThisLit explained this idea, saying, "What if Oz is the sibling of Kai and Winter? If the mother is locked in a room then maybe she fell ill and Oz was removed from the house and Ally and Ivy adopted him." Not only does this tie into the mother theory, but it also explains Oz's origins and why Winter seems so preoccupied with him. In the premiere, she asked Oz who his biological parents were... and he didn't know. Perhaps Winter was trying to suggest that they're connected by blood.

BornThisLit also suggested that Ivy could be another sibling: "What if Ivy is another sibling and she is just playing like she doesn't know Winter?" I'm not inclined to get on board with this one as much as I am for Oz. In the latest episode, "11/9," Ivy and Winter appeared to meet each other the day before the election. I don't think they would act as if they were strangers, especially because no one was really watching. Winter, however, could pretend to have no idea who Ivy was even if she knew Ivy was her brother (Oz's) adoptive mother.

With more than half of the season to go, there's still a lot of uncertainty about the characters' true identities this season. I have a feeling Kai and Winter aren't the only members of their family, so I'm excited to see more Anderson family reveals.

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