Here's What The 9 Duggar Daughters Are Up To Now

The world first caught a glimpse of the Duggar family in the 2004 TLC documentary highlighting the large crew. And ever since then, it's been a wild ride. Next came the show 15 Kids and Counting, then 16 Kids and Counting, then 17, and finally 19 Kids and Counting. Now, Counting On follows the life of the second generation as they leave the Duggar nest and head out into the real world to start families of their own. While many fans may know what the Duggar boys are up to, questions still remain about the girls. Do the Duggar daughters work? Here's what the nine girls are up to now.

As of now, the Duggars' grand total is 10 boys and 9 girls, according to the Duggar Family website. While many of the elder Duggar boys have started careers of their own, the Duggar girls tend to live more traditional lives than their brothers. It's a life where marriage and children and serving your husband comes before everything else, according to Slate. That could mean that you may not expect them to also have a job, but some of the Duggar women do work.

Here's a look at what each of the nine Duggar daughters — Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy Anna, Johannah, Jordan-Grace, Jennifer, and Josie — are up to now.

Jana Duggar, 29

Jana Duggar, the twin of John David, is single and an active midwife, according to InTouch Weekly. But she's also an accomplished pianist and loves working in her garden. Jana reportedly lives at home, helping her mom with household chores and childcare duties. She's also posted a recipe on her Instagram page, (maybe more of that in the future?) and with a family the size of the Duggars', there are definitely many mouths to feed.

Jill Dillard, 27

Jill is the second-oldest Duggar daughter. She's also a certified midwife, just like her sister Jana, and helped with her sister Joy-Anna's breached birth, according to People. She's also a mom raising her two sons, Israel and Samuel, according to Baby Gaga. She also runs the Dillard family blog.

Jessa Seewald, 26

Jessa announced some big news, recently. She's expecting her third child, according to People. Jessa continues to do guest appearances and talks every now and then, including many about her unique sense of fashion, according to AOL News.

Jinger, 25

Jinger continues with her love of photography as a for hire photographer, according to InTouch Weekly. She used to take professional-quality shots for the whole Duggar family. No word on if she's still the designated family photog now that she's living a few states away. Jinger and her former professional soccer player husband have one child, Felicity, together, according to Cheat Sheet.

Joy-Anna, 21

First and foremost, Joy-Anna is a mom, according to InTouch Weekly. Before marriage she interned at the Arkansas State Capitol, but there's no telling if she's still seeking out a politician's life.

Johannah, 13, Jennifer, 11, Jordyn-Grace, 10, and Josie, 9

Rounding out the "J" names are Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn Grace, and Josie. These little ladies are a bit young for the work force, or for married life. All four are still at home, under the Duggar roof, living in their communal girls bedroom. They most likely help with household chores, while the older three also add child are to their job list.

They recently released "Happy Hearts," a compilation of songs sung by the youngest Duggar daughters. You can give it a listen on iTunes.