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Here's The Deal With How Each Kardashian Feels About Giving Their Own Kids Middle Names

The internet is abuzz with people obsessing over the latest addition to America's first reality television family. Although Khloe Kardashian only recently gave birth to her first child, everyone is already wondering about her name — True Thompson — and whether she'll have a middle name. But what about her siblings who also have kids? Is it customary for the Kardashians to give their kids middle names? Well, here's what each sibling has done.

If it feels like it's hard to keep up with all of the Kardashian baby news lately, you wouldn't be the only one. So far this year, three Kardashian babies have been born, and it's only April. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their daughter Chicago to the world on Jan. 15. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their first child, Stormi, on Feb. 1. And of course, most recently, Khloe welcomed her daughter, True, into the world on April 12. There might just be something in the water over in Calabasas.

But, with all of these births, fans are left wondering about their little ones' monikers and whether the Kardashian family typically uses middle names. After all, every single Kardashian-Jenner family member was given a middle name by matriarch Kris Jenner, so why don't all the children follow through with the tradition? Let's break it down:

Kourtney Kardashian

It seems like Kourtney Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, are the "odd" ones of the bunch when it comes to giving their children middle names. Well, for the most part anyway. The 38-year-old was the first of the Kardashian family to have her own child, and when she gave birth in 2009, all eyes were on her. So, does Kourtney use middle names?

Yes! All three of Kardashians children, which she shares with Disick, have middle names. There's 8-year-old Mason Dash Disick, 5-year-old Penelope Scotland Disick, and 3-year-old Reign Aston Disick, all of whom have adorable middle names. But what about her sisters?

Kim Kardashian West

The next member of the Kardashian family to give birth was, of course, Kim Kardashian, who welcomed her first child, North, back in 2013. Of course, Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, now have three children together, but none have middle names.

Yes, 4-year-old North West, 2-year-old Saint West, and 3-month-old Chicago West all are two-name kids, which is totally fine. And according to W Magazine, "Kim has never revealed the reason why she's decided to opt against middle names." Perhaps it's just another way to make her children stand out from the crowd, or maybe it's just because all of her children's first names are already so powerful. Whatever the case, the 37-year-old has set a precedent for other Kardashian kids to come.

Rob Kardashian

After Kourtney and Kim started their own families, Rob Kardashian joined the parenthood club. The father of one shares his daughter, Dream, with ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. The little girl was born on Nov. 10, 2016, and differs from some of her cousins by having a middle name.

The 1-year-old's full name is actually Dream Renée Kardashian, and it seems like the little girl's name is pretty meaningful. According to ELLE, "she was a dream come true and she shares her middle name with her mother."

Kylie Jenner

Obviously, fans of Kylie Jenner will remember that she only recently gave birth to her firstborn, Stormi, at the beginning of February. But, while one of the biggest topics of conversations was what Stormi's last name would be, fans were also curious about whether the 20-year-old would give her daughter a middle name, like Kourtney and Rob, or if she would follow in Kim's footsteps.

So, what did she do? Well, it seems as though her daughter is simply Stormi Webster, no middle name, according to In Style.

Khloe Kardashian

And then there's Khloe. The 33-year-old just gave birth to her first child last week, but fans are still curious about whether she gave her daughter a middle name. But for now, it seems that all Kardashian has said on the matter is that her daughter's name is True Thompson, which is plenty for now. While all the evidence available now suggests little True will not have a middle name, it's possible that Khloe will reveal more about her little girl's moniker as time goes on.

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