Turns Out, A Tilted Uterus Doesn't Affect Conception

Your high school sex ed class led you to believe that getting pregnant was as simple as sitting next to a boy on the bus (or even thinking about a penis), but if you've ever tried to get pregnant, you've probably found that it's not quite as easy. Add in things like a wonky ovulation schedule or a tilted uterus, and you may panic even more. But does a tilted uterus make it harder to get pregnant, or is this one facet of your body that doesn't play into fertility?

According to Deena Blumenfeld, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and Fellow of American College of Childbirth Educators (FACCE) at Shining Light Prenatal Education, a titled uterus shouldn't affect your ability to get pregnant or your chances of conceiving. "Conception is more about timing of intercourse, cervical mucus, ovulation, and other health conditions," Blumenfeld says. "The majority of women can conceive on their own, without issue, with a tilted uterus."

Turns out, a tilted uterus is no big deal, especially when it comes to making a baby. The American Pregnancy Association noted that a tilted uterus is only thought to be a cause of infertility if all other fertility-related issues have been ruled out. Blumenfeld agrees and also suggests that by weeks 10 to 12 of your pregnancy, your uterus will have already put itself into the more common and "correct" straight position.

Your tilted uterus isn't even a diagnosis — it's just part of your body. Dr. Seth Plancher, OB-GYN at Garden City OB-GYN in Garden City, New York, tells Romper that it's basically normal to have a tilted uterus and compares it to being left-handed. "It doesn't really have any clinical significance," Plancher says.

So don't panic. If you know you have a tilted uterus, don't let it stress you out when it's time to make a baby. Chances are, your tilted uterus won't affect your fertility in the least. If you do have issues conceiving, your doctors will look at all other possible causes before assuming your tilted uterus has anything to do with infertility. Just imagine you're sending that fertilized egg on an even better ride to your uterus, like the Tilt-A-Whirl ride at the fair. (Bonus points if a pregnancy in your tilted uterus doesn't make you feel like a Tilt-A-Whirl.)