Does Ben Have Sex With Lauren B. In The Fantasy Suite? The 'Bachelor' Seems To Enjoy Her Company

So one of the best things about watching the Bachelor on ABC Monday nights is checking out the girls' outfits. Can I pull that off? I'll ask myself. Is she pulling that off? Well, this week I'm figuring the outfits won't play as big a part. Since we're finally hitting the episode where the would-be couples get down to business, the question I (and so many other viewers) will want answered is: Does Ben have sex with Lauren B. in the fantasy suite? Come on now, this is important stuff.

Sweet, teeny-tiny blonde flight attendant Lauren Bushnell has been a front runner with fans from the beginning. The Portland, Oregon native even managed to create some strong friendships with some of the other girls vying for Ben's heart. She and (recently jilted) single mom Amanda Stanton are apparently adorable friends IRL.

There are many reasons why Lauren B. is a fan favorite; She's drama free, nice to everyone and even loves basketball. She is classy all over the map, my friends. But is she Ben's favorite? She seems to make him smile a lot, make him comfortable. Which should be good, right? But maybe she is one of those girls who is good on paper, and everything she says is fantastic until the end of the day, when there's simply no "spark."

Some fans don't see any chemistry — but others are all, "oh hell yeah", especially considering that Ben gave her the first rose at last week's ceremony.

But maybe it's not really a question of their chemistry. If the spoilers are to be believed, devout Christian Ben (of the "aw shucks, ma'am" smile camp) reportedly takes all three women to the fantasy suite. I mean, seperately of course. They haven't gotten that explicit on the Bachelor yet. But yeah, it looks like Ben will be doing the deed with all the girls. Even our lovely little prom queen Lauren B. (What will her precocious little brothers think?)

You see Lauren B.'s problem, I'm sure. She loves this guy. Other girls who are also beautiful and fun and accomplished love this guy. She is staying at a gorgeous resort (Sandals Royal Plantation in Ochos Rios) that is romantic and candlelit and fragrant with exotic flowers. Honestly, I can't think of a single person I wouldn't sleep with in that situation.

And therein lies the problem. Historically, women who don't choose to take advantage of their individual suite get to forgo their continued relationship with said bachelor. Even the devout Christian ones, I'd wager.

Ben, dude. All three of them? And then we get to watch the sneak peek where you say you are in love with two women? What about the third girl you were knocking boots with, huh? How do you think that makes her feel?

Well, Lauren B., I hope Ben is good to you. I hope he's a giver. Although after being on a show where 25 women are all over him, I'm going to guess he's more of a taker. Let's just hope I'm wrong.