Black Jack Randall's Days May Be Numbered On 'Outlander'

Now that Outlander is finally coming back to Starz, all the show (and book) fans want to know what's about to happen to everyone's favorite — and least favorite — characters. And that includes the villain to end all villains (sorry Joffrey), Jonathan Wolverton Randall. Is it finally time for his cruel reign to end? Does Black Jack Randall die in Outlander Season 3? If you really want to know, read on. Warning: book spoilers ahead!

For two seasons, Randall has tormented Jamie and Claire (particularly Jamie) in the worst possible ways. Randall raided Jamie's farm and family home of Lallybroch, beat him in front of his sister, attempted to rape her and made Jamie believe that he had. He then flogged Jamie twice in one week, causing the horrific scars on his back and nearly killed him. He kidnapped Claire several times, beat her and threatened to rape her. And then at the very end of the first season brutally raped Jamie. Basically, Randall is evil sadism personified. He played a smaller role in the second season, showing his anger when his (really lovely) younger brother died, but exerting less control over the central couple. But arch-nemeses Jamie and Randall definitely met up again on the battlefield at Culloden. And you know that after all of that one of them has to kill the other.


Luckily for all Outlander fans and humanity in general, Jamie wins this particular fight. Jamie finally kills Randall in battle, putting an end to his most dangerous foe. In case you were worried, the show creators put a lot of thought into this meet-up, and it will probably be just as satisfying as any book-lover could possibly want.

During a recent interview with TVGuide, actor Tobias Menzies (who plays Randall) revealed that Randall's death will happen in the first episode of the season and that it will be a very satisfying showdown. "It's a non-verbal, sort of tying up of this story," he explained. "It's this strange sort of dance... I liked the way it's come out. It's sort of a strange kind of half dance, half fight, kind of embrace. I feel like it's a fitting end to this quasi-love affair."

Love affair is not exactly how I would describe the relationship between these two men, but even so, it's a deeply personal moment for both of them. The show has always done a great job of portraying emotions without words, just eloquent action by its superb actors. I have no doubt that this death will carry all of the emotional heft it needs to, and pave the way for new obstacles for Jamie and Claire.

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