Beth Dubber/Netflix

Bryce May Pay For His Actions On '13 Reasons Why'

by Zakiya Jamal

Warning: spoilers from Episode 13 ahead! Hannah Bakers tapes revealed that there were a lot of people in her school who did bad, terrible, and even criminal things. But out of all the people she discussed, the worst of all was probably Bryce. Not only did Bryce rape both Jessica and Hannah, but he wasn't the least bit sorry about it. Clay was able to trick Bryce into confessing to Hannah's rape on tape, but does Bryce go to jail on 13 Reasons Why? Unfortunately, viewers don't know for sure.

In the twelfth episode, Clay confronted Bryce, asking him point blank if he raped Hannah. According to Bryce, Hannah "wanted it" and even though she didn't say she did "girls play games" and that's why Bryce figured it was OK. However, in the end, he did say "you wanna call it rape, call it rape, same difference." Therefore, although his confession was less an admission of guilt and more of a rationalizing of his actions, in the end it still counts and would probably be enough to send him behind bars.

Little did Bryce know, Clay was recording him on tape, the same way Hannah recorded her conversation with Mr. Porter. Clay then gave all the tapes to Mr. Porter, whose job it is to actually report something like this (although he failed to do so when Hannah first talked to him about it). Additionally, Hannah's parents also have a digital copy of the tapes now, including Bryce's confession, thanks to Tony. And considering their ongoing lawsuit with the school, it seems doubtful they'll keep this to themselves.

Adding on to that, it appeared at the end of the season finale that Jessica was finally going to tell her father what happened to her. All of these pieces definitely seem to indicate that, at the very least, Bryce would be charged for the rape of Hannah and possibly for the rape of Jessica as well. Though Bryce only confessed to raping Hannah, if Justin also testified that Bryce assaulted Jessica as well, he could definitely be found guilty on two counts of sexual assault, which would most likely lead to jail time.

That being said, the unfortunate truth of the matter is rape cases don't always go as one would expect them to, and the fact that Bryce is a rich, white, young male means there's still a good chance of him getting off with no jail time, unfortunately. Hopefully, there will be a second season of the show so viewers can find out Bryce's fate.